America’s New Jews. Republicans Want To Ride Hatred Into The Oval Office. Again.

The Republicans, as anyone with three brain cells can see, go out of their way to demonize minorities of color, publicly, to garner the votes of the ignorant, the skinheads, the klanners, the faux Nazis, and the rest of the pathetic haters bubbling beneath the surface of America. One might note that the skinhead et alia vote isn’t all that big. But if you scratch the vast majority of right-wing Republicans you’ll find your basic klan hood and gown. Don’t let the manicured lawns and gated communities fool you like it’s fooled them into thinking they’re decent people. The Republican base is peering out from behind the curtains, looking for unwhite, unchristian, unamericans who dare walk Republican streets.

The Republican Southern Strategy, playing on white race hatred that resented Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights initiatives, is no secret, and it worked well to grease them into office and keep them there while everyone pretended they weren’t engaging in foul racist politics. Every once in a while their cover would slip, as it did when Trent Lott spoke at that now infamous birthday party. Yes, he paid a minor price, but nothing changed.

Now the Republicans are beating the same drum of bigotry and hatred, though they’ll couch it in the usual terms of ‘securing our borders’ and ‘protecting our economy and workers’. But the beat is the same. Them versus us. They’re less than human. They’re a disease in America. Yada yada yada. Same old crap.

And their junkyard pundits on the radio, less constrained than Republican politicians like Romney and Tancredo and the others, take up the cry in full throat, baying at the moon of insane racism and hatred, encouraged by the words of the Republican leadership.

And the result? Here’s a list for your perusal.

How long before Republicans open the camps and bring further disgrace and shame on this country? Do you really want to know? Just vote them in next year. It won’t take all that long. They’ve already put us on the road. It used to be the Jews, but it’s too hard to attack them now. They learned how to defend themselves. Wanna bet the Jew baiters of today don’t know crap about the Jewish partisans in World War II? Now it’s the poor from anywhere, but mostly Latinos, who bear the brunt of race hatred.

As you read down the list of beatings and rapes and murders of Latinos, you might ask yourself how many of those who beat and raped and murdered those Latinos would or could do the hard work most Latinos in this country do, whether here illegally or legally. Go out in the fields where your vegetables are being picked in backbreaking labor and you won’t find any skinheads or klanners or Nazis or white Republican suburbanites or any of the other morons and dittoheads who are spreading the hatred. You won’t find them working twelve hours a day doing landscaping at Mitt Romney’s mansion, or anywhere else. You won’t find them on roofing crews, or building houses, or doing manual labor, day after day, month after month, year after year. Latinos do a goodly part of the work that keeps this country together economically.

And Republicans are doing the best they can to ride the sweat and blood of those people into power, no matter how many they have to get beaten and killed. It’s the way people like that have always done business. Find out who has no voice, no power, no recourse, and blame them for all the problems. Turn your supporters against them. Ride the wave of hate into power.

That was the way in Rwanda. That’s the way in Darfur. That’s the way it was in Nazi Germany and in Stalin’s Russia. It’s an old way, much revered in this world by those hungry for power, by those who care nothing for people, but instead care only for their arrogant egos, for domination over others, for pillage and rape and loot.

And now, pathetically, sadly, and all too predictably, it’s becoming the way in America.


7 Responses

  1. The Republicans are truly frightening. They were bad enough under Newt’s leadership. They’ve gotten exponentially worse under the Messianic-Christianist banner of Bush-Cheney-Rove. They thoroughly depress me.


  2. I honestly want to say very well written and presented. I say that not get your defenses down since I’ll admit you and I fall on different ends of the political spectrum.
    With that said do you think the Democrats are so innocent ? What of the likes of Sen. Robert Byrd ? The democrats are no angels when it comes to race issues.

    And Republicans are doing the best they can to ride the sweat and blood of those people into power, no matter how many they have to get beaten and killed. It’s the way people like that have always done business. Find out who has no voice, no power, no recourse, and blame them for all the problems. Turn your supporters against them. Ride the wave of hate into power.

    With some ease don’t you think Democrat could replace Republican and we could talk of race baiting and class envy politics ?
    Again I enjoyed the post and seeing a different perspective I’d imagine I’ll enjoy any additional bits. Thank you.


  3. It’s always possible to point to individuals like Byrd, or speaking generally, to point at individuals who go against whatever one is arguing. But the point about the Republicans is that they deliberately, as an intentional political strategy, chose to adopt racism for their own ends. It wasn’t about individuals being racists – it was about the party adopting racist strategies to win elections locally and nationally. They did it in response to Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights initiatives in the Sixties. They’re still doing it. Democrats, as a party, aren’t, though I’m sure one can find individuals who might. At some point in time, who knows, the shoes could switch feet, or the feet could switch shoes. But right now, in this phase of American history, the Republicans are the bad guys.

    BTW I went to your blog, but it’s difficult to read for my eyes because of the white-on-black color scheme. My eyes ain’t what they used to be.

    You might be interested in reading Drew Westen’s The Political Brain, if you haven’t already. While he is a Democratic strategist, the book speaks to political success and failure generally.


  4. I wasn’t lying about opposite ends so you likely wouldn’t have liked anything you saw. Thanks for the follow up and book tip. One curse of asking for and looking at other perspectives one’s reading list gets pretty long.Take care


  5. I’ll have to take your word for it. πŸ™‚

    If you do read the Westen book I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.


  6. Ric. Westen has taken a look at an interesting component of American politics that’s for sure. I would hold that many places in his work “Republican” and “Democrat” would be interchangeable. (the partisan in me ?) I think he is not without wearing his partisanship on his sleeve in writing this. There were many points where I just screamed WHAT ??? Other times nodding in agreement of varying comfort levels. In the end I agree with the concept that emotion is a big force and is wielded well by the GOP. I also have to say that the book has some gaps of credibility secondary to places GOP bashing trumps telling the whole truth. I bumped this to the top of the list of need to reads. I’m going to Bill Cosby’s latest and “Life at the Bottom by Dalrymple next. Thanks for the tip and thanks for adding to the cranial stim that is always a good thing.


  7. In the end everything personal comes down to keeping the brain alive and kicking its neurons into gear. πŸ™‚

    I thought Westen was less important on the practical political front of Dems v. Reps on various issues than on the psychology and the technique and the uses of it. It’s like money – anybody can use it for good or bad, the money doesn’t care either way.


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