Again With The Quickies…

Fred Thompson visits Paradise, but doesn’t get a virgin…

Fred Thompson, reputed to be contending for the Republican nomination for President, and pretending to be a Conservative to suck in the braindead vote, visited a gun show in South Carolina.

He walked along aisles filled with displays of rifles, shotguns, and pistols, according to the Associated Press.

Then he called it ‘a day in paradise’.

The Lion supposes that Freddie would consider it a day in hell spending time in a society that didn’t glorify violence and shoot to death 30,000 or so of its citizens every year.

Good ol’ phony Southern boy thinking. Violence is peace. Murder is love. Gunshot wounds are orgasmic. In a society that worships violence, little Freddie Thompson won’t be happy until everyone has a gun in hand.

The upside of universal gun ownership might be that politicians like Freddie would be a lot easier to remove from office. Election campaigns and voting days would look a lot more like the OK Corral than a civilized and mature society choosing leaders democratically.

But hey, if that’s what the Republicans want, let’s give it to them. Guns for all, Freddie.

Better duck, dude! The crossfire’s nasty.

Australia Dumps Bush In Democratic Election…

The people of Australia sent a message to Washington yesterday. They tossed Bush suckup John Howard and his conservatives and installed Kevin Rudd and Labor with a majority in Parliament.

Rudd has said he would pull Australian troops out of Iraq and sign the Kyoto Protocol.

Unfortunately there are still a number of conservatives in the Senate who will, as conservatives are wont to do, block Rudd’s attempts to bring Australia into the realities of the twenty-first century. (Look look. See the drought. See the drought suck the life out of Australia. Look look. See the climate change.)

America could do a lot worse than to follow Australia’s example. Given the American record and the gutlessness of the electorate (“Ewww, an Arab! It’s going to eat our children. Kill it over there before it buys barbecue sauce!”) one might be forgiven for thinking the United States will continue happily down the road towards oligarchic, theocratic fascism.

Finally The Romanovs Rest…


After ninety years the remains of the last two Romanovs murdered by the Bolsheviks have been found.

The bones of Aleksi, 13, and one of his sisters were found about seventy yards away from where the rest of the family was mutilated and buried in July of 1918. The others had been found in 1991.

World War I and the murder of the Romanovs seem a fitting opening to the bloodiest century in human history.

And just when you thought it was over, along come the Bushoviks.

Full story here in the Globe.

You can invade Iraq and kill thousands, but you can’t make them like you…

American warmongers may finally be getting a clue that they have royally screwed up. Too bad it’s too late for all the dead Iraqis.

In the Globe today Stephen Lee Myers of the New York Times reports that the Bushites are scaling back their expectations in Iraq because of the political situation.

While Bush administration officials once said they aimed to secure “reconciliation” among Iraq’s deeply divided religious, ethnic, and sectarian groups, some administration officials and military officials now refer to their goal as “accommodation.”

“We can’t pass their legislation,” a senior American official in Baghdad said. “We can’t make them like each other. We can’t even make them talk to each other. Well, sometimes we can. But we can help them execute their budget.”

And of course create the conditions that have allowed and encouraged them to execute each other en masse.

But in fact Bush and friends haven’t really learned anything. They claim they want to see provincial elections before the American Psychopath in Chief leaves office in fourteen months.

The prospect of such elections has been politically delicate because of the fear that some regions, like Shi’ite-dominated southern Iraq, are most likely to vote for leaders opposed to a powerful central government that could unite Iraq’s regions, ethnic groups, and religious sects.

Oh me oh my, do you mean they might actually have a free and democratic election in which the people say no to the addlebrained dreams of Bush and Company? Can’t have that, now can we? That wouldn’t be Bush bringing democracy to Iraq, now would it? Might mess up his legacy (which should be a trial and a gallows).

Odd how a free election can point out that all Bush and his toy soldiers have brought to Iraq is destruction, terror, fear, and mass slaughter.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the quickies. I think the UK and Australia both have sent strong signals to the Bushies in their most recent elections.

    Regarding Fred Thompson – I can’t believe that some conservatives once thought, just a few short months ago, that he might salvage that party. I also can’t believe that people were reporting about how sexy he is. WTF? That was a joke, right? Wasn’t it?

    The day I believe that the Bush administration will allow free elections in Iraq will be the day I’m elected Pope. ‘Nuff said.


  2. Wouldn’t that be Popette? Or Popess?

    As for Freddie, there’s been some research done that shows that tall men with deep voices do get the most women. The research didn’t address results for tall men with deep voices and tiny brains though.


  3. I live in South Carolina and to be fair, Freddie probably wouldn’t want a virgin from here. If she’s not good enough for her own family…


  4. ROFL!! Seriously ROFL!


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