Did You See The News Today, Oh Boy…

Did ya? Did ya see what the television news channels are leading with today?

Herds of humans thundering into shopping zones.

All that’s missing are the moos and baaaas.

And meanwhile the corporatocracy is making sure the Feds know exactly where you are and what you’re doing, and the judges are allowing it. No warrants, no probable cause required. All that’s required is a cellphone. You own one, they’ve got you.

Welcome to the fascist slaughterhouse that used to be America.

Brought to you by the Sociopath Twins, Bush and Cheney, and sponsored by the Congress of the Pathetic. 

Listen, do you hear that, just around the corner, that wailing sound?

That’s the Constitution and the Bill of Rights dying under the trampling feet of the shopping hordes who haven’t got a fucking clue.


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