What About Those ‘Snowflake’ Souls?

According to fundo and evangelical doctrine life begins when the sperm pummels its way into the egg, and bingo bango, life.

And of course a soul. Can’t have a human life without a soul, right? Right?

Never mind those millions of spontaneous abortions every month where the little bugger gets flushed. Those souls aren’t coming back, unless they get a free pass until they stick in a womb.

But what about all those souls trapped in frozen embryos deep in the dark bowels of  fertility clinics? Thousands of them, frozen, trapped and no doubt screaming in the darkness and the cold. What a horror, eh?

Well, where are the fundogelical women willing to sacrifice their bodies to warm up those souls and turn them into children? The Lion doesn’t hear them clamoring to save those souls. Too much trouble? Too inconvenient?

And if they can’t be implanted in a woman other than the original egger, well, why aren’t the fundogelicals dragging the clinics and the egg mothers into court for, oh, how about unlawful imprisonment? Torture of the unborn? Must be something in the law that the freaks can use to terrify the living.

Come on, you fundogelicals, life is so goddamed sacred, you claim (while supporting war and imperialism and a corporatocracy that condemns all life on the planet), so how about you get off your smug butts and start raiding clinics and freeing those frozen, terrified little souls.

That would be the honest thing to do.


2 Responses

  1. I like your writing style, but find your snarliness a bit off base on this one. You use a rather broad brush stroke to paint anti-abortionists.

    I wouldn’t refute that some persons opposed to abortion demonstrate (as you point out) rather inconsistent life ethics (in favor of capital punishment, war, etc…). This is not true for many others of us who count ourselves pro-life.

    It’s also worth pointing out that there is a growing movement for women to adopt frozen embryos from fertility clinics and bring them to life. One, interestingly, is called the “Snowflakes Program” (see “Nightlight Christian Adoptions”).

    Thanks for your provocative blog.


  2. Not many people are thankful for snarly provocation, Pete. Must be the holiday, eh? 🙂

    I’ve seen too many so-called pro-life Christians screaming in the faces of women going to clinics, and often not for abortions, to take anything the anti-abortionists say as having anything to do with being pro-life. Hatred, no matter how you dress it up, is anti-life. Shooting doctors from ambush is anti-life. Failing to utterly condemn the people who do these things is anti-life.

    I regard religion as a delusional practice, any religion. Religionists will point to the great good that comes from religion. Frankly, whatever good comes from it doesn’t make up in any degree for the evil committed. You can do great good without religion. But great evil, that too often takes the rationalizations provided by religious delusion. My view. Yours differs.

    Not going to get into an argument over it. That is universally pointless.

    As for the Snowflake program – I still don’t see any great rush by religionists to save those thousands of ‘souls’. Hardly an endorsement of religious fervor and commitment. There’s a hell of a lot more fervor to corrupt the political process, to corrupt the Constitution and the rule of law and put the country under the thumb of a religious tyranny.

    You may or may not be a nice guy – I’ve seen more hypocrisy, arrogance, and ignorance disguised as ‘nice’ Christians than I once thought possible – but you and yours will always be the enemy to me. I’d shake your hand, but I wouldn’t trust you with my cat or a dollar. Well, maybe a dollar, but not ten dollars.


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