Fallujah A Success? Sure, Like Auschwitz Was A Success

Go read the ugly reality here.

Then when you meet a Republican who supports Bush and Company, kick him in the balls and tell him hello from Fallujah.

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4 Responses

  1. Of course dear freind, you are going to get this sort of coverage from a site like this. It wouldn’t matter if it started raining burrito supreme’s and women over there, you commies would find a way, or better yet, make up a way, to make people think all is lost, the sky is falling. I’ll bet you have never even been there have you? By the way, that John Lennon/Dennis Hopper look is way outdated…


  2. Site like what? Inter Press Service?

    As for my look, that’s the best you can do in response to reporting from Inter Press, which was there, on the ground, in Fallujah?

    Sky falling? No, nothing like that in the article. Just good reporting about a bad situation from reporters who are there.

    Besides, you apparently wouldn’t know if the sky was actually falling. Your head’s too far up your butt for you to see anything.

    And I’m not your goddam friend.


  3. Inter Press is a “progressive” site. Nuff said.
    Have a nice day friend.


  4. Oh geez, how scary, a progressive site that counters Republican/Conservative lies, incompetence, arrogance and ignorance. Better go change your underwear.


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