Bush’s Friends, Our Allies: Saudi Justice Right Out Of The Dark Ages

From a CNN story:

Story Highlights

  • Woman, 19, gets six months prison, 200 lashes for meeting with unrelated man
  • Group of seven raped her and the man, from whom she was retrieving photos
  • After lawyer protests light sentences, rapists’ sentences increased
  • Victim’s punishment doubled for talking to the media

These people, these so-called judges, are thugs justifying judicial terror in the name of their god and a judicial code appropriate to an age of barbarism, hatred, cruelty, and ignorance.

Go read the story.

And remember that everytime you fill up your car with gas, everytime you reject conservation measures, everytime you donate money to Republicans, you’re supporting these sick, pathetic bastards.

You’ve still got to put gas in the car, but don’t ever forget where it goes. It supports Saudi Islamic terror.


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