Gordon Brown Pushes England Down Slippery Slick Slope Towards Tyranny

Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants to stop people in England from thinking for themselves and acting like adults, according to an Associated Press story by David Stringer in today’s Globe.

In addition to proposing to beef up blast barriers and toughen up security procedures at several hundred public venues, Brown wants to mess with the internet in a fundamental way.

Brown said Internet and technology companies will be asked to help stop online terrorist propaganda, and he announced that a meeting would be convened with leading British Internet service providers to find ways of doing that.

Along with possibly removing customers’ sites, service providers also may be pressured to block ones hosted abroad. The government also could create a list of banned sites or try to persuade such search engines as Google or Yahoo to filter out prohibited content from their search results.

So, let’s see, Browno doesn’t want the poor, pitiful louts who make up the population of Britain to see what those bad boys are saying and thinking. Apparently he’s afraid the English people might actually learn something, might just possibly understand where the so-called enemy is coming from intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and thus be better prepared to cope with them.

Message to Brits: Your PM thinks you’re a bunch of idiots.

Of course the Brits Brownie is ‘protecting’ won’t know what he’s decided they should be protected from. And they won’t know when Brownie decides to shut down a website not because it’s inflammatory but because it’s critical of him and his government.

Message to Brits: Learn to think for yourselves. Then you can spot propaganda not only from around the world, but from your own government. And your own government, as is usually the case, is more of a danger to you than any so-called enemy (Americans may actually be starting to learn that lesson).



2 Responses

  1. Ric,

    I agree that he is trying to extend the authoritarian and fascist policies of his predecessor but on the plus side, this would only formalise what already happens anyway. He already has the powers to block websites and British based Internet service providers are hardly likely to refuse to block whatever the government or police want them to. If it’s formalised, it’s at least open to judicial challenge.

    Sadly, all the powers are already there.


  2. Judicial challenge requires judges who aren’t themselves either toadies of the regime or outright fascisti-a-borning. There’s a shortage of independent judiciary over here. Bush keeps appointing fascist wannabes to the bench.

    I’m not an optimist that the system will correct itself like so many seem to think. I suspect that within a generation we’ll be knee deep in blood. You know, feeding the tree of liberty and all that bloody crap, just because the people were too stupid and sheep-brained to take care of this ugly business when it started with Nixon and Reagan, and now that it’s claws are out and gutting the body politic they’re too stunned and stupid to do anything but go shopping.

    Let’s see, where’d I put my cheery optimist pills? I think I need a double dose just to get through the fucking day.


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