Tom Tancredo, Crusader, Declares Jihad Against Islamic Radicals In Your Neighborhood. "Get Them Before They Get Your Daughter."

Tom Tancredo, somehow considered to be a Congressman from Colorado, and reputed to be running for the Republican nomination for President, will air a new commercial in New Hampshire and Iowa that

…focuses on illegal immigrants and say that besides taking jobs from Americans, they could launch terrorist attacks because porous borders are allowing Islamic radicals to roam the country.

The ad … shows the victims of terrorist attacks in Europe and ends with the sound of an explosion and the words on the screen: “Tancredo . . . before it’s too late.”

The Lion suggests that if Tom Tancredo can run a bigoted, ignorant, fear-mongering ad like this and still be considered for the Presidency, then it is likely already way too late. On the other hand, this is the sort of thing that has kept Bush and the Republicans in power.

But for the sake of argument, suppose there are some Islamic radicals among the job seekers sneaking into the country.

Is being an Islamic radical a crime?

Well, not yet. The First Amendment still has some purchase in this country – which is why Tancredo can run such an ugly ad.

Do all these Islamic radicals roaming your local streets have the support and resources necessary to carry out acts of terror?

Incredibly unlikely. Even over there in Islamoworld, which Tancredo would no doubt happily bomb back to the Stone Age, a guy doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to go blow up a mosque or a cafe or a flock of cops. It requires planning, resources, money, and a goodly number of other people to support his effort.

Could it happen?

Of course, especially given the ineptitude of the Bush administration’s bureaucracies and the neo-cons desire for a terrorist incident within this country that they could use to complete their takeover and corruption of the government. Even so, your chance of getting hurt in a terrorist incident is less than your chance of getting killed by lightning. You’re in more danger just driving to work or getting up on a stepladder to change a lightbulb.

Tancredo would have you believe that there are gangs of radicals in every neighborhood just waiting to rape your daughter, burn your home, and blow up your local Starbucks, not to mention attacking the poorly defended nuclear and chemical plants around the country.

Tancredo would like you to be terrified, to share his paranoid nightmare of the world so that you will view him as your savior and vote him into office, where he would without doubt do more damage to this country and the world than his sociopathic leader, George Bush, has already done.

This is the Republican way. “We don’t have anything else that works or makes sense, so we’re going to scare the crap out of you with radical fear-mongering to get you to vote for us, because we think you’re stupid enough to fall for it – like you did the last few elections.”

So, have you seen any gangs of Islamic radicals roaming around your neighborhood?

Those would be the guys with scary bloodshot eyes, big noses, wearing dresses and turbans, and hauling sacks of plastic explosives along with their RPGs and AK 47s. If you see these miscreants, please call Tommy “The Crusading Jihadist” Tancredo down in Washington. He’ll come right to your neighborhood and start blowing them away.

(See the ad here…)



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  2. Tom Tancredo, Crusader, Declares Jihad Against Islamic Radicals In Your Neighborhood. "Get Them Before They Get Your Daughter."

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  3. Muslims Against Sharia commend Congressman Tancredo for clearly defining the enemy and standing up to Islamist lobby and PC establishment.

    Tom Tancredo Radio Ad
    Tom Tancredo TV Ad


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