Good Ol’ Wolves, Big Bad Politicians

Tony Povilitis, identified as a wildlife biologist from Bozeman, Montana, writes a good column in today’s Globe opinion pages on the plans of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and federal politicians and bureaucrats to cave in to a tiny minority of hunters by allowing the slaughter of the wolves that have so successfully been reintroduced to the area.

Basic theme: Wolves, left alone, vastly improve the environment, biologically, ecologically, and physically.

The Lion notes that destroying the wolves does let hunters get their rocks off and coats the politicians with a slime of macho, much admired among the to-hell-with-science-let’s-go-kill-something-beautiful bunch. Perhaps there’s some social value in that. Perhaps they won’t beat their wives as much or kick their children and pets. They will, of course, come up with one rationale or other for killing animals, but it won’t be based on science or the public or ecological good. It will be bullshit, constructed out of testosterone and ignorance, coated with mysticism and shaped by arrogance and inadequacy.

But the column itself is well written, well worth reading, and filled with facts and the results of scientific investigation. 


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