World Scarcity Of Women Damaging To Social Structure; War Looms!!

According to today’s Globe there are 50,000,000 fewer women in the world than men. Which is to say that for every 100 women there are 102 men.

The Lion believes that is not a good thing. Absolutely not! Such a disparity puts men in the position of having to fight over women, which leads to bloodshed and war and chaos and destruction. All of which can be blamed on women, because they just won’t make enough women to keep up with demand.

And of course these numbers explain why The Lion can’t get a date, much less a steady girlfriend. The Lion is relieved that neither his breath nor his style of clothing is at fault.

Probing further into the numbers, however, shows that there is hope. In Eastern Europe there are 100 women for every 88 men. Since this is the result of the last war, some sixty-five years ago, and given that new wars must certainly break out, thus reducing the number of men again, worldwide, the numbers will once more become favorable for The Lion, who is a lover more than a fighter, even though he is not to be trifled with, macho-wise.

On the other hand, perhaps The Lion may consider moving to Eastern Europe to increase his dim chances of finding that almost perfect woman whose biggest flaw is that she tolerates The Lion’s multifaceted flaws. Of course, that would make her far from perfect, thus invalidating that scheme. Heavy sigh.

Oh, well, The Lion will retreat to his books and cats and grumple on through life alone. After all, no one promised The Lion a girl garden.


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  1. Don’t forget also that countries like India and China don’t value girls and throw them away for adoption or who knows what else. Their boys will become 18 and alas, no girls!


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