Deval Patrick Legalizes Hypocrisy, Seeks To Crush The Little Guy

Today’s Globe, in a front page story by Matt Viser, reveals that buried deep in Governor Deval Patrick’s casino bill lies a provision that not only would ban online gambling, but would put anyone who wagers online in jail for two years and fine him $25,000.

Just for good measure, the three casinos Patrick proposes would be exempt from online gaming restrictions.

Welcome to Alice in Patrickland. Put a corporate brain in charge and this is what you get. Monopolies that take, monopolies that crush, monopolies that feed the rich and starve everyone else.

Quintessential Big Brother. You must buy our health insurance or we will crush you. You must gamble at our casinos or we will crush you. You must bow to the markets we run or we will crush you.

The Lion favored casinos, but not now. Not until the entire bill is examined and this kind of hypocrisy and this hatred for the common man is rooted out, along with the people who would force these things into law.


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