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Rudy G’s wronginess…

In today’s Globe there’s a big piece on the front page blithering on about Mr. G.

Amid the chaos and death after the jets slammed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, Mayor Rudy Giuliani made his famous trek northward through the choking dust of lower Manhattan, accompanied by two dozen top aides, in search of a place to set up a command center.


As a group, [his followers] symbolized a guiding principle for Giuliani. “Loyalty is the vital issue,” he says in his 2002 bestseller “Leadership,”…

In the first instance he was searching for a command center because he had arrogantly built his command center right in the middle of the biggest target in the city, the World Trade Center. Now maybe I’m just a uniquely imaginative, possibly imaginatively warped, personality, but the first time I saw a picture of the WTC Towers the first thought that popped into my head was, “Wow, what a frigging target for an airplane!” Why is it that nobody in government ever had that thought?

In the second instance, loyalty is what has given us the worst president and the worst administration in the history of the United States. Not loyalty to anything of value, like the law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and democracy. No no no. Loyalty to a warped and sick human being who is out to destroy all those things. Loyalty to President, to party, to ideology, to those above all else. And now here comes another pathetic, lying, incompetent little bumbler, wrapping himself in the smoke of 9/11 to further his lust for power, his need to feed his ego.

The man’s a disaster-in-waiting for this country.

Bushian grammar gives away the game

In a page 2 story in the Globe today, one that didn’t make it to the web edition apparently, Bush, during his cushy little tea party with fellow world delusionist Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, George said:

“The idea of Iran having a nuclear weapon is dangerous…”

It’s really true. The man can’t cope with ideas, much less any reality that he doesn’t invent inside the drug-addled mush inside his skull.

Never mind that the experts who have been to Iran, who have actually inspected their nuclear program, who know Iran and Iranians, tell us that Iran could not create a bomb and a delivery system for several years. Don’t bother with that. Just tighten the screws on the Iranian people and drive them further and further from any inclination to discuss the issue with an eye to resolution. All because the psychotic President of the United States can’t cope with an ‘idea’.

The other day he was frightened by the thought that Iran might get the knowledge to build a bomb. Hey, George, it’s been on the internet. It’s in the freaking libraries. Apparently he doesn’t know that because he hasn’t yet moved to shut down the net and the libraries and imprison junior high school smarty pants kids who know this stuff already.

This guy is terrified of the shadows in his brain, and the whole world is supposed to pay the price?

More Busharraf mental confusion

Page eight of the Globe leads with this:

President Bush, personally intervening in the political crisis in Pakistan, told President Pervez Musharraf yesterday he must hold parliamentary elections soon and step down as army leader.

“You can’t be the president and the head of the military at the same time,” Bush said, describing a 20-minute telephone call with Musharraf.

This from an incompetent meddler who happens to be President and head of the military, as he so fondly of reminds us over and over and over again that he is the Commander-in-Chief. And of course we all remember the uniform, you know, that costume on the flight deck of the carrier, the costume with the codpiece, when our faux CIC told us the war was over four years ago. (Probably a faux codpiece if his cod is anything like his brain.)

And ‘personally intervening’? I’m sorry. A phone call is not a personal intervention, especially from a sorry little failure of a man who can’t travel anywhere without  a couple of thousand security agents and screening out anyone who might disagree with him. Hell, Benazir Bhutto has more guts than Georgie. A lot more. She at least gets in the street with the people, including the people trying to kill her. She may not be perfect, but I doubt she would have been hiding in a bunker on 9/11.


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