Black people of America, not only do you not have any problems with race, you barely exist…

At least that’s what George Bush’s stacked U.S. Commission on Civil Rights would have you believe. Little Georgie had two Republicans change their registration from Republican to Democrat so he could add two more Republicans. The law requires there to be four from each party. And since the Boy Emperor made the change the Commission has done diddly squat. Why? Because Republicans and Conservatives don’t admit the existence of minorities, or of civil rights, except when they need someone to demonize, or to cut their lawn or serve them dinner or make their beds.

MIT sues architect over faulty building design

MIT paid a famous architect, name of Gehry, fifteen million dollars to design a building called the Stata Center, and now they’re suing him because they say the design is seriously flawed.

The Lion doesn’t really care one way or the other, but he did see the picture in the Globe of the building, and thinks MIT ought to sue just on the basis of looks, and while they’re at it they should sue themselves for accepting the design. To The Lion’s simple eye the building looks like a freeze frame of a structure in mid-collapse.

Democrats in contempt of selves, country, Constitution, sanity

Representative John Conyers, Democratic Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has sent nine letters to the White House in an attempt to get Bush aides to testify about the firings of U. S. Attorneys. The White House has pooh-poohed Conyers, who has threatened contempt citations. Bush’s best offer, through his legal mouthpiece Fred Fielding, was to meet off the record, not under oath, and with no transcript. Conyers has reduced himself to agreeing to off the record and not under oath, but insists on a transcript. Freddie says no soap. Can the Democrats sink any lower?

Oh, yeah, they can. They can approve Bush suckup Michael Mukasey as Attorney General, thereby pretty much completing the sellout of the rule of law and the validity of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Bush eyes Musharraf dictatorship in Pakistan…

Don’t you just know that the Boy Emperor wishes he could shut down Constitutional and democratic processes in the United States as easily as his pal Pervez just did in Pakistan. You can almost see the drool of envy rolling down the fratboy’s chin. Instead he has to rely on lies and deceit and extralegal and anti-Constitutional moves to establish a tyranny of Republicans and theocrats and corporate fat cats. Must be frustrating for the little pissant as he cheers in his heart for Pervez to crush the democratic opposition.


3 Responses

  1. Ric said: “Don’t you just know that the Boy Emperor wishes he could shut down Constitutional and democratic processes in the United States as easily as his pal Pervez just did in Pakistan.”

    Are you convinced he can’t – and won’t? A major terrorist attack on U.S. soil in Sept 2008 would be all he’d need. Martial law and “postponed” elections. And we’d give it to him. (not you and me “we” but he would get enough support to pull it off.)


  2. I’m convinced he would, without any doubt, given the slightest opening. Doesn’t even need to be a terrorist attack, doesn’t even need to be anything major. You won’t see the people of this country hit the streets like they did in Myanmar or Pakistan. The Congress has pretty much surrendered any claim it has to power and influence, legally or otherwise. The courts are something for Republicans to piss on. I’ve said it over and over – he’s a sociopath, and the Republicans are fascists. And the Democrats have decided not to fight, but just to go through the motions. There should be blood on the floor of Congress, metaphorically speaking. All that’s there is a little bit of Democratic fright piss.


  3. Sickening but true. Very disheartening. The Democrats could do whatever they want and the people would support them, and yet they fail. What the fuck?


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