Rich People Drive Up Cost Of Oil To Profit Off The Struggles Of Workers And The Poor

Robert Gavin of the Globe writes a long front page piece today on the costs of home heating oil used by most of New England. Oil is up to $2.91 a gallon. That’s about $750 to fill the normal 250 gallon tank. It takes two or three tanks to go through winter in the average home.

Gavin gives a couple of examples of people up against the wall and another on whom the wall has fallen. But the really interesting part is about rich people.

All told, economists said, speculation has probably boosted crude prices by $10 to $20 a barrel, adding about 40 cents to a gallon of heating oil.

“This is an investment-led rally, built on what if something happens,” said Darin Newsom, senior analyst at DTN, a commodities research firm in Omaha. “I don’t think we’ve topped out yet.”

Hedge funds speculate in oil, driving up the price. Hedge funds are investment vehicles for rich people, and rich people only. They drive up the price of oil in order to get richer.

These are the people the Republicans love to suck up to, love to give tax breaks to, love to cater to and kneel before.

These are the parasites of democracy, enabled by Conservatives and Republicans, parasites who take and take and take and give nothing back.

These are CEOs who collect 500 times the income of the people who do the actual work in business and industry. And then these rich buffoons try to rip off more money from the people who bust their humps making these clowns rich.

These are inheritors who give nothing back to society, to democracy.

These are Bush’s ‘haves and have-mores’, Bush’s base, the people who have brought us war, who have sold the country to foreigners, whose morality and ethics is determined solely and entirely by the money in their accounts.

Do we hear anyone in the Republican administration calling for an end to speculation in the oil markets? Do we hear anyone in the Democratic Congress calling for an end to the predations of rich peoples’ hedge funds?

Of course not. We hear of budget cuts for programs that help the poor, the working poor, and the disadvantaged pay for heat.

What we don’t hear are calls for conservation of energy resources. We don’t hear the Republicans calling for more energy efficient cars. We don’t hear the Republicans calling for more mass transit funding and less highway funding. We don’t hear the Republicans calling for massive investments in wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal energy. All we hear from the Republicans is ‘War and more war. Give us your money for the next hundred years so we can stay fat and warm while we send you to die in our wars for profit’.

We don’t really hear much from the Democrats either, except the occasional voice in the wilderness. Make that the disappearing wilderness as Republicans tell corporations to go forth and  tear up and destroy the forests and the plains and the seas, and bring the money back to Bush and the Republicans.

It’s the same old story with the same old characters. The rich do get richer, and they do it by stealing from everybody else, by crushing anyone who objects, by subverting government, by betraying the Constitution in the United States, by clawing down the structure of rule by law.

They have a name now. They call themselves Republicans and Conservatives.

They have faces too. Smirking faces like George Bush. Arrogant faces like Mitch McConnell. Greedy whining faces like John Boehner. The bland faces of a Gonzalez and a Mukasey, who support torture of innocents and assign to the President the right to break the law as he pleases. They wear masks of greed and arrogance and lust for power, masks of hatred and bigotry and death, masks of war, masks of money, masks of subservience to power.

They wear little flag pins in the lapels of their thousand-dollar suits.

They proclaim their patriotism in public, while in their hearts they seek to crush everything good and decent and hopeful about America. These are the real betrayers, the real traitors. These are the men the Founders of the American Republic warned against, fought against, tried to protect against.

The Founders failed. They, despite all they knew and experienced, did not see the black depths of venality and greed and lust for power that a ‘Republican’ party would visit on the United States and the destruction such people would wreak on what the Founders created and on the people they sought to protect from such predators.

The final court, the final resort of freedom and liberty, the final power in America rests with the people. The Founders knew that, and they sought to provide a government that would never need to resort to that court. They failed.

And the people?

They are silent. They would rather be lead to destruction than stand up and take back what is rightfully theirs. They would rather be drugged by games and nonsense than waken their minds and their hearts to battle the darkness of their government.

The Republicans and the rich rock the people in their cradles, murmuring ‘There, there, everything is fine, everything is good,’ while plotting to steal the blanket from the cradle.

And almost no one sees that the world is getting cold.



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  1. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak that knows what they are talking about. A great article, too bad so few are listening. Thank you, Robert. I heard you loud and clear.



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