Giuliani’s Prostate A Pain In His Integrity

Well, it’s no surprise that Rudy G played fast and loose with the statistics in his new ad telling us more than we ever wanted to know about his urogenital system.

But he makes the same old bogus Republican claim that the United States has the best health care system in the world, failing to point out that almost fifty million people can’t afford even basic care under that system.

If Rudy G’s cancerous prostate had occurred in a ten-dollar-an-hour dishwasher, Mr. G would likely have gone untreated and he eventually would die from the cancer.

How come it never occurs to these guys who have money and power that the system doesn’t work for people without money or power? How do Senators and Representatives get away with claiming how wonderful our health care system is when their costs are completely paid for by taxpayers paying for premium, gold-plated insurance? Why do we let them? And why is it usually Republicans who scream so loud to continue the immorality of the health care system in this country?

Giuliani’s solution to the health care crisis is to give tax deductions – $7,500 for individuals, $15,000 for families – so that people could hand the money over to the insurance companies.

So that ten dollar an hour dishwasher who isn’t Giuliani and doesn’t make enough money to get such a deduction, is still supposed to go out and spend around eight grand for insurance. That’s out of his $20,000 gross salary, or out of whatever is left after taxes.

Does anyone think Rudy can live on that and afford insurance, or health care? Does Rudy? Did Rudy even think about it? Of course not. He’s a Republican. As such his morality and his integrity are at best questionable.

But if that dishwasher lived in England or France or Canada or most any First World country, he could have taken his cancerous prostate to the medical community and been treated. His survival chances would be the same as if he had premium health insurance here. He wouldn’t have to worry about busting his ass the rest of his life to pay the hospital and the doctors. If he had a family and a home, he wouldn’t have to worry about going bankrupt, losing his home, and putting his family on the street. But in America, in the United States, he does have to worry about those things.

His other choice is to die.

That’s the sickening morality of Republicans and Conservatives.

Pay us money or die from your illness.

That’s what Rudy Giuliani stands for.

That’s what Republicans everywhere stand for.


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  1. I wrote a long reply to this but won’t post it. All I’ll say is that my native country was mentioned in this article as a shining example of social health care.

    It’s simply not true: Not everyone gets medical care in a socialized health system. Neither is the service better. As for cost, it’s probably just as expensive for whomever is paying for it. It’s not cheaper or free for the citizen either.

    Judging from this article, sounds like there is some sort of a pestilence in the US, called the “conservative”. Is that like a resistant strain of bacteria or something? I suggest you get that under control immediately. Have you tried quarantine? There might be chemical substances that are effective against this nuisance. Experiment. I am being facetious of course, but there’s irony in the fact that people hate each other based on political opinion and talk about helping the disadvantaged in the same paragraph. Grieving for one group and dehumanizing another. Nothing peaceful about that.

    If Americans are really concerned with the plight of the uninsured, they will find a way to fix that without destroying an otherwise excellent health care system. If not, we’ll get socialized health care and that will be that. I’ll do the best I can under either system.

    In the meantime, eat right, exercise, get your prostate checked (if you can afford it) and stay healthy.


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