Thinking About High Oil Prices? Not Seeing The Whole Picture?

Oil’s at $93 a barrel today, heading for a hundred.


Wonder why? Maybe the happy couple in the picture will give you a clue. Their families go way back. They’ve been stroking each other for decades.

The fellow in the dress? Fifteen of his countrymen flew the planes on September 11, 2001. There weren’t any Iraqis or Iranians or Afghanis. The fellow in the headdress says “Oh, no no no, it’s not our fault.”

The fellow in the jacket? He’s an oil man who bought and corrupted the American Presidency and has been eagerly engaged in killing Iraqis, Afghanis, and soon, Iranians, ever since 9/11. Two of them have oil. They may have some broccoli. The fellow with the smirky grin says, “Oh, no no no, it’s not my fault the Middle East is a bloodbath. Everybody just go shopping and buy oil to make my friends rich. Pay no attention to what you see me do.”

And you, my little American friends, are about to drown in the crap these two are unleashing.


8 Responses

  1. They’re not.really.holding.hands. Are they?

    Please say that was Photoshopped.


  2. Nope. Really holding hands. Probably to avoid slipping and falling on all the oil and blood under their feet.


  3. Saudi Royal family also invested in young Bush when dad was in office, which went into bankruptcy. Bush family and Royal family has very strong ties.


  4. Ric,

    Will you add a post Vote for Dennis Kuninich on your blog?


  5. QB,

    I’m staying out of the support-this-one, support-that-one business. I’m in the bury-all-Republicans business. 🙂

    In the first place my word wouldn’t mean a thing. In the second place my word wouldn’t mean a thing. And in the third place….

    I do currently lean toward Kucinich and Richardson, with the latter having the better chance, which isn’t saying much. I think Hilary is compromised by money and baggage. Edwards or Obama are going in the right direction, but I’d prefer Edwards of the two.

    Maybe when the primaries start sorting them out I’ll post a pick, but in any case I’ll support the Democrat and hope whoever it is can sort out the mess and purge the government of Bushicons from top to bottom.

    I do appreciate you asking.


  6. Ric,

    Dude just give Dennis Kucinich some momentum before New Hampshire primary. This was great surprise for me that there he is just behind Al Gore who is not running on the voting site. My first choice Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, John Edwards.


  7. Saudi Royal family are criminals like Bushes. These Royal bastards invested tens of millions dollars in young Bush failed businesses when dad Bush was in office. They don’t care much about poor people.


  8. Ric, I sure hope someone upsets Hillary in Iowa and throws the nomination back into play. She is the least palatable of all the Dems (or second, with Biden right there with her).

    Edwards, Richardson and Dodd would all be fine choices for the Dems. I love Dennis. Just think he’d do a Dukakis on the Dems. We have to get some Dem in office immediately. There is too much at stake here. I’m with you about not playing the support this guy or girl thing right now. I’ll let the Dems decide, then that person will have my full support.

    You keep ripping those Republicans!


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