Red Sox… Not!

Not only would The Lion be remiss if he failed to comment on the World Series, it has come to his attention that his various licenses as critic, curmudgeon, and cynic would be suspended and he would face sanctions from sundry licensing boards.


The Red Sox are not World Champions.

The Red Sox and the Rockies did not play a World Series.

At best they played a national series, one that might or might not gain them entry into a true World Cup of Baseball in which they would have to face national teams from around the world in a true World Series.

In fact, the Little League World Series, rigged to favor the United States, can lay more claim to being a World Series than can the creation of the big boy baseball league’s public relations crew. And that’s not saying much, given the ethically corrupt thinking processes governing the Little League governors who came up with their bogus arrangement.

Which is not to say that the Sox did not outplay and outclass the hapless Rockies, but they might as well lay claim to being Champions of the Universe as to call themselves World Champions. United States champions is as far as they can go. To claim more is mere arrogant buffoonery, and for fans to believe more demonstrates once again that it is simply not possible to underestimate the gullibility and foolishness of the American consumer.

And just to save The Lion the trouble of reiterating his contrary, unappreciated view of these matters, the same considerations apply to the Super Bowl World Champions in football, perhaps even more so in view of last year’s genuine World Cup of soccer, and the recently completed genuine World Cup of rugby. Now those sports have real world champions. All the United States has amounts to little more than public relations spin for teams that refuse to be tested in a world arena.

And for good measure, ditto NBA basketball and NHL hockey fighting.

Hell, even ping-pong, or table tennis, if you will, has a real world championship. What does it say when big boy baseball can’t even measure up to table tennis?

And America makes claims on world empire.

Sad, very sad.

Oh, well, at least there is the World Championship of Darts to look forward to…


2 Responses

  1. Next year: The United States & Toronto Series


  2. But I thought Toronto was being sold to Peoria, to become the Peoria Peons. No?


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