Romney Opens Mouth, Spews Hypocrisy About A House Of Horrors. Oh, And He Tortures Teenagers Too.

Perhaps Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney is afraid people will see him for what he really is, so he attacks Hillary Clinton with remarks that indicate he has no idea what’s been going on among Republicans the last few years.

The Globe, in its Campaign Notebook today, excerpted some comments The Mitten made on ABC news.

“What do you think of Hillary’s House of Horrors?… And we’d have … the ‘raise your tax’ room. We’d have the ‘weaker military’ room. We’d have the ‘family values in a shambles’ room. It’d be a pretty frightful place. And frankly what the Democrats are selling is really quite frightening these days as we approach Halloween.”

In the ‘raise your tax’ room we would find George Bush and the Republican Party slashing taxes on the rich, while leading the country towards bankruptcy by borrowing from abroad to finance a desperately stupid war. We would find rich people not paying their fair share of taxes, getting a free ride at the expense of working people and the middle class, who bear the burden of blood and finance for the Republicans’ treasonous war.

In the ‘weaker military’ room, we would find George Bush and the Republican Party breaking what was once the strongest military in the world on the shoals of a useless war, a military that should never have been put into its current position and a military held at bay by dedicated Iraqi fighters using assault rifles, grenades, and improvised bombs to defend their homeland. Romney would probably consider it rude to point out that the military that ‘defeated’ Iraq’s fourth rate military so efficiently and quickly was built under Clinton, and destroyed by Republicans.

In the ‘family values in shambles’ room, we would find Republican men soliciting sex in public bathrooms, fooling around with underage male pages entrusted to the care of Republican Congressional leadership, married Republicans having sex with prostitutes, and Republicans taking bribes from every lobbyist they could get their claws into. And Romney would no doubt consider it rude that the Clinton family, which is what he is attacking, has held together and gotten stronger despite the all-too-human frailties and failures of its members, and despite the vicious attacks by Republicans who saw no wrong in trying to bring down the United States government by a bogus impeachment over a blow job.

Romney wants to frighten us with hypocritical remarks about a Democratic house of horrors, but he doesn’t point out his own horrors that he visits on people. Turns out he not only tortures animals, but he is involved closely with people who routinely torture teens in so-called boot camps. Read the whole story here. Here’s an excerpt about a lawsuit being brought against these people:

The suit alleges that teens were locked in outdoor dog cages, exercised to exhaustion, deprived of food and sleep, exposed to extreme temperatures without adequate clothing or water, severely beaten, emotionally brutalized, and sexually abused and humiliated. Some were even made to eat their own vomit.

This is the Romney who wants to double the size of Guantanamo, and who believes in the use of torture, though he uses the Republican euphemism about ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’.

This is a man who is not only shallower than an oil slick, but one who engages in hypocrisy and lies at the mere thought of gaining a vote. This is a man who not only cannot handle the truth, but has no interest in the truth. This is a man who believes in inflicting horrible suffering on people on the mere chance they may have done something he disagrees with, and pronounces such behavior righteous and proper while living in the comfort of his multi-million dollar lifestyle.

If we want to see the United States finish going down the toilet the Republicans have so eagerly flushed, we need only put Mitt Romney in the White House. And we might want to ask why the Republicans seem unable to come up with Presidential candidates who are not sociopaths. First Bush and his puppetmaster, Cheney, and now Romney. Now there’s some ‘values’ for people to consider as they examine the Republican House of Horrors that the United States has become.

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  1. I’m no huge Hillary fan, but if she is the choice vs. ANY Republican, it would be a no-brainer. This is good news, because the voting public is not particularly bright.

    I may be nuts (well… I am nuts) but I can’t imagine Romney getting the nomination. Hopefully it will be Rudy. He would split that party so badly that they would have next to no chance. Then again, just GETTING the nomination would be scary because he would also probably be our worst nightmare if he somehow got elected. I have a feeling either Huckabee or Thompson will get the nod. They would be tougher to beat in the general election, though if they Dems can blow this one, they are hopeless.


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