Iran, Riceirani, And Sanctions

The Bushies effected more economic sanctions on Iran yesterday for some reason that escapes reason and logic. Ms. Condoleezza Rice, reputed to be the Secretary of State of the United States government, had this to say in today’s Globe:

“Unfortunately, the Iranian government continues to spurn our offer of open negotiations,” [Rice] said yesterday.

Could it be that they don’t trust you, honey? Could it be that they’ve watched your government lie and cheat, watched it destroy two countries senselessly, watched it lie to its own people as its psychotic leaders plunged their own country into war, dragging the entire Middle East to the edge of the abyss? Could it be that they’ve seen your own incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance? Could it be that you and your friends in American government have absolutely no credibility?

Or could it be that they’ve seen all of that, and seen that everytime they turn around the American administration is threatening them with chaos, destruction, and death?

Could it be that nobody in his right mind would negotiate with people who set preconditions, like “Stop doing what you’re doing or we won’t talk with you and we will bomb you back to the Stone Age?”

It’s interesting to note that the Democratic and Republican candidates for the White House all pretty much agree with sanctioning Iran. The Republicans, as usual, are considerably more vicious about it and all appear extremely eager to send Americans over there to die (as long as it’s not white Republican wealthy kids, of course). Or at the very least they want to bomb the living crap out of every man, woman, and child in Iran. Courtesy of the American taxpayer, of course (no, not the rich people – they don’t pay taxes in Republican America).

All of which ignores the question of evidence. So far nobody’s produced any that stands up to the slightest scrutiny or to any test of credibility. After all, when a bunch of proven liars stands up in a theatre and yells ‘fire’ for the second or third time, and there hasn’t been any smoke anytime, who you gonna believe, sucker?

Iran is within its rights and within the law to develop nuclear power. No one has produced evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, or intends to do so. The only violations they’ve committed are on about the same relative level as copping a peek at the questions for a pop quiz in algebra class, but they are being accused of stealing the entire final exam, and threatened with violent destruction for their non-crime.

Little Bush and The Neocons, along with their lead singer, Condi Riceirani, can scream and stomp their feet about how evil Iran is all they want. They may even get away with their propaganda and lies, and kill some tens of thousands of Iranians and precipitate a major war. But the rest of the world may just be looking askance at the whole show of American paranoid psychosis, and asking who has actually done, and continues to do, real evil in the world community the last few years.

It’s not Iran.

Late Note:

By the way, those roadside bombs, the EFPs, that the evil Iran has been supplying to dastardly Iraqi fighters and that Little Georgie and the Neocons are trumpeting as an excuse to attack Iran – uh uh – the U. S. military lied about that too. They’re made in Iraq, by Iraqis fighting to kick the invaders out of their land.

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  1. Another excellent post, well written as usual, IEDs lied exposed with the link you posted. Fred Thompson said that US will not accept defeat to few kids running with IEDs.


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