San Diego 1, New Orleans 0

Not to simplify too much, but with all the gushing and cooing that the news commentators are putting out over the wonderful job the government is doing for all the homeless and displaced people in California, did anyone notice that the victims all seem to be white and moneyed and from a Conservative area?

Meanwhile, back in New Orleans, the black and the poor are still waiting for the Republican administration to come through on its promises and make good on its failures during the Katrina catastrophe.

Gotta love that corporate football stadium in San Diego! Full of food and water and cots and counselors and white people with money.

Just like the Super Dome in New Orleans, hey?

“We’re not going to forget you in Washington, D.C.,” [Bush] said, according to the L. A. Times. Well of course not, silly! You’re white people and you’ve got money. Us Republicans in Washington will bail you out, don’t you worry! We’ll just use the money we haven’t spent down in that other city, oh you know, that one down South with all the black people playing that great music. Wonderful dancers, too, aren’t they?

And Bush is, of course, up to the challenge of making the most of the disaster for his obligatory photo op. One network reported he was to have lunch with some firefighters. These guys have been putting their lives on the line every day. They’re exhausted, they’re drained, they need sleep and rest, but no, here comes the Chief Putz showing how much he cares by including them in his photo op. The Lion would like to think that one of them had the balls to tell the little creep to go screw himself.

Wonderful country, Republican America. Ain’t it just grand?

4 Responses

  1. I wish people would just leave this race bullshit die already! This is why the San Diego disaster turned out better than Katrina. Remember your junior high civics classes? Remember how our government works? First is your local(city) government, then state, then federal, in that order. The mayor in NO did nothing despite a minimum of 72 hours notice that a CAT 5 hurricane was coming. Then the governor of Lousiana did nothing about obtaining National Guard assistance. The feds cannot order that. I’m tired of people making excuses like race, and class. You’re doing nothing good for society by making those remarks. I’m just taking a wild guess here, but I’m sure you’re a ‘far-left’ fanatic that would love nothing more than the Federal government do everything for you, including wiping your ass, and kick back and have everything taken care of. That’s why we have 3 levels of government. And if was any different, it would be dangerous for our country. Remember this………..There are two kinds of people in this world. Do’ers and Takers. I place my bets with the do’ers anytime.


  2. Apparently you believe that everyone in America is white, privileged and equal, and that race plays no part in society and government.

    I’m taking a wild guess here that you’re a far-right fanatic who would have government do nothing for anyone, until, of course, you need help wiping your ass. Good luck with that.

    Since you apparently cannot comprehend that there are actually considerably more than two types of people in the world, it would be foolish to expect that you might register that society is considerably more complex than the limited, narrow view the right wingnuts would wish on us all. Perhaps for your psychopolitical disability you can get some government help.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. “Apparently you believe that everyone in America is white, privileged and equal, and that race plays no part in society and government.”

    -No, I don’t. And I’m not here to get into a ‘Race’ argument either. I think I made my point clear that race had nothing to do with the situation. It was about people taking care of themselves. If I told you today that a tsunami was coming to your town in 3 days, would you sit on your ass, and do nothing and wait for Bush to grab you by the hand and lead you to higher ground? Of course not. But I bet you haven’t become so complacent that you DEPEND on the government to survive. Now, that being said, if you want to blame someone for the horrific events that unfolded there, start with the mayor of NOLA, who didn’t call for an evacuation until less than 24 hours before landfall. Blame him for letting 500 school buses sit in a parking lot and flood, then a day later, scream and holler about the URGENT need for Greyhounds to save his people. This has nothing to do with race. Its called corrupt, and incompetent government. Blame the people that keep them in office. But you won’t because they were 2 democrats that were more at fault than GWB. So you just move up the chain, until you can find a republican to blame. I don’t know anybody that can control the weather, dem or rep. But what our horrible ‘Republican America’ did was provide a service to warn the masses 72 hours before any damage, and declared NO a state of emergency two days before the storm even hit. Here is where the problem is my friend, you have to depend on yourself. Those people that either died, or got displaced did NOT act. Why? Maybe because the government does too much for them already. They do not know how to help themselves. This is not a race issue. Look at the facts:
    1. The percentage of blacks in NOLA at the time of Katrina-60%.
    2. The percentage of blacks that died in the storm-49%.

    So, if our government doesn’t care about black people, then they sure as hell don’t care about whites if they let 51% whites die. So, all I’m asking, is stop trying to divide people with a very polarizing idea, when it in reality had nothing to do with what happened there.

    “Perhaps for your psychopolitical disability you can get some government help.”

    -Only if it was up to democrats.

    With that, I’m out. Nothing personal, its just the way I see it, and that’s what makes America great. We can freely voice our opinions. 🙂


  4. I think you oversimplify the events in New Orleans, but be that as it may I’ll let it rest and thank you for commenting.

    But in the future please don’t call me ‘my friend’. Sounds like a greasy politician cadging for votes. It also tends to infringe on my carefully created persona as an over the hill grumpy biker taking crap from no one. Real curmudgeons don’t have friends. 🙂



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