Republicans! Eeewwwwww!

One of the major failings of atheism is that it leaves practitioners without juicy phrases like “Omigod!” or “Saints preserve us!” or “By God and all the saints!” Thus is The Lion  left with the bland “The Republicans make it so hard to cut down on blogging.”

They had a debate last night down in Orlando, Florida, according to Michael Kranish of the Globe. The Lion understands that these are not really debates, but merely sound byte generators for the various news organizations that sponsor them. And of course the function does give the candidates, especially the Republican ones, a chance to show off their stupid.

Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney, famous dog torturer and all-around hypocrite, had his say on health care:

Citing passage of a health reform bill, Romney rejected the notion that Democrats deserved much credit for it. “I’m not going to give the Democratic Legislature credit for the plan,” Romney said.

Good news and bad news. The good news is that he’s taking full responsibility for a ridiculous plan that does nothing but funnel money to the insurance companies so they can take their profits and buy politicians like Romney. The bad news is that when the plan falls on its face he’ll blame the Democratic Legislature for passing it in the first place.

But you know it’s a Republican plan because it mandates, that is to say, forces, which is to say, tyrannizes, people to buy private insurance. Republicans are all about authority. That’s why they’ll be such great fascists a little ways down the road .

Tom Tancredo of Colorado, whose shtick is hating anyone who crosses the Mexican border of the United States, doesn’t like that immigrants get subsidized health care. Representative Tancredo would perhaps prefer that they just die in the streets. Perhaps one day Mr. Tancredo might put his abundant energy into doing something about the fifty million Americans who have no health care, and who are daily being joined by what will be millions of others who find they can no longer afford it. On the other hand, that may be too complex a matter for the simple, hating brain that occupies Mr. Tancredo’s skull.

Speaking of simple brains, how about that fellow Huckabee, who apparently sleeps on a bed of Bibles and talks with god and says that if he’s elected President he’ll let god run the country, or something to that effect. The Lion presumes Mr. Huckabee will then go fishing down in Andy Griffith land. But Huckabee is not shy about demonstrating the profound illness in his thinking.

“There is nothing funny about Hilary (Clinton) being president,” Huckabee said. He predicted that taxes would go up, spending goes out of control, the military will lose morale, and the fight against terrorism will be hurt.

Apparently Mr. Huckabee hasn’t seen the financials on the United States lately. Spending is way beyond control. China, Japan, and a few other places own the United States.

The military sits on the verge of crashing and burning. And morale, real morale, not the prettified anecdotes that the psycho president likes to hand out, is in the toilet.

The so-called fight against terrorism has turned into nothing more than a way to slaughter civilians, recruit more terrorists and provide more places for them to practice their craft. And it provides various sociopaths in the CIA and the military and the Justice Department a way to get their rocks off torturing people, most of whom appear to have nothing to do with acts of terror against civilians. All courtesy of the chief Republican sociopath, George Bush, enabled and facilitated by morons like Huckabee.

And the damned taxes had better go up. The Republicans have given their wealthy friends a free ride, showering them with money, and absolving them of taking any responsibility in Republican wars, or indeed doing anything for the good of the country

And then we have Rudy Giuliani, the putz of New York, the guy who strolled around New York City on 9/11 and then claimed he was a real go-getter in the war on terrorism. Not that he ever did anything, except fail to show up for his duty on the Iraq Commission. Too busy with other priorities, Mr. G?

Giuliani said he would draw lessons from former President Ronald Reagan’s approach to foreign policy, including become so strong militarily that attacking the United States would be unthinkable.

Never mind that Ronnie Raygun’s government by astrology was a disaster or that the man was possibly a bigger putz than Mr. G. On 9/11 we had the strongest military in the world. That worked out well, didn’t it, Rudy? Maybe he missed the history lesson where the teacher demonstrated that time and again attacking the big guy is never unthinkable. Been to Hawaii lately, Mr. G? You don’t ward off attacks or wars by bankrupting the country with a huge military budget, Rudy. You know, like the one that’s crippling the United States now, the one that’s funding an army in the Middle East that’s being held at bay by guerilla fighters using assault rifles, grenades, and creative explosives, and that has nothing to show for its efforts and its losses but half a million dead civilians and two countries in ruins. Yeah, let’s have more of that, Rudy. After all, that’s the Republican way, isn’t it, by god?


4 Responses

  1. True and honest. The way Bush started this “war on terror” and all the Presidential candidates promising to be more tough than him will create more terrorism, more unrest, more deaths, more destructions. The two exceptions on the list of the Presidential hopeful are Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul and both of them have no chance of getting nomination of their party.

    You are right the news are so stupid that its is impossible not to say anything. You concentrate on your writing so someday we can read your best seller.


  2. Check your facts, Romney didn’t say “I’m not going to give the Democratic Legislature credit for the plan,”

    He said, “First of all, I’m not going to give the Democratic legislature credit for the plan that I helped build”.


  3. What’s your source?

    Here’s mine, from the Globe:

    GOP’s fiery debate features bitter exchanges as Romney forced to defend record – The Boston Globe 10/22 hardcopy and online

    “Citing passage of a health reform bill, Romney rejected the notion that Democrats deserved much credit for it. “I’m not going to give the Democratic Legislature credit for the plan,” Romney said.”


  4. How weak are the Dems that they’ve allowed this crowd to run America for 7 years, barely regained power last year, and haven’t used it as an effective tool to counter-balance the harm the Republicans have done?

    All the GOP has to do when one of them gets out of line is accuse him/her of not being a Strong Right Winger, and they fall all over themselves in a desperate attempt that they really are. Pathetic.


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