GOP Candidates Again Show Their Incompetence, Ignorance, And Stupidity

In today’s Providence Journal, an AP story by Liz Sidoti bears the headline “GOP hopefuls vie for conservatives’ approval”. Romney, Thompson, and McCain apparently were appearing before a gathering of so-called values voters.

Values voters usually means evangelicals, whose mission in life is to overturn the Constitution and the rule of law and establish an unthinking theocracy where everyone believes the same stupid, destructive, phantasmagorical things they do. These people use fantasy instead of LSD. At least acid trippers didn’t rush out en mass to destroy the society they lived in.

Romney chimed in with “I’m pro-family on every level from personal to political.” Oh yes. Hypocrisy, lies, sleaze. That’s real pro-family stuff. And let’s not forget the brutal abuse of the family’s pet dog on that twelve hour drive.

And good ol’ boy Freddie Thompson admitted he hasn’t a working brain cell in his entire head. He said the first thing he would do after being inaugurated would be to “go into the Oval Office and close the door and pray for the wisdom to know what was right, and I would pray for the strength to do what is right.”

The freaky fundos gave that a standing ovation. Hey, Freddie, how about you go into the Oval Office and use your damned brain and think about right and wrong instead of blabbering with some ghostie in the sky. Is it too much to ask for this country to elect people who depend on reason and sanity and knowledge of the real world, instead of a bunch of Jesus freaks who don’t know crap about anything that matters in this damn world?

As for Giuliani, his claim on the freaks is that “On nine out of 10 issues we agree with each other”. Which ten, Rudy? And since you’ve demonstrated neither the competence nor the intelligence, honesty, or integrity to merit the Oval Office, why should anyone give a damn if you agree with the Jesus freaks? The fact that you suck up to them, or even agree with them on anything, should disqualify you from running for any office.

As for McCain, he’s shown that his definitive characteristic is a great skill and intense lust for sucking up to anyone who might vote for him. Publicly kissing the psychopath, Bush, who racially slimed his family during the South Carolina primary seven years ago doesn’t qualify this hypocrite for office either. Nor does his great lust for continuing the slaughter of innocents in any country that might disagree with the idea that the United States should run the frigging universe.

The only thing these guys have to offer is fear and loathing. The people of this country should fear the possibility that any one of these putzes gets into office, and they should loathe them and their confederates. To put another Republican in power in the White House (and Congress for that matter) is to seal the fate of this country on what may be a really quick slide into the cesspool of fascism and theocracy.


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