The Cat Fades Away, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Theatre Goes Dark

Since Spring this year The Lion has written 333 posts here, covering a variety of items, and he has generally had a good time. Lately, though, the bloom is off the rose, or the dandruff is on the Lion, or the rose has got dandruff. Pick your own metaphor.

I’ve always questioned, to myself at least, what it is that I’m doing here, what Grumpy Lion is about. It is, as I’ve said before, a valve to relieve high blood pressure brought on by the state of the United States today. It’s an emotional bleeder valve. It’s my way of striking back at the stupidities, the hypocrisies, the lies and delusions, and the evils at the center of government.

But I always wanted it to be deeper.

I’ve been writing, on and off, in one form or another since I was fifteen, when I started working for the old Cape Cod Standard Times, covering high school news at first, and then moving on to district reporting as a general reporter for the towns of Harwich and Chatham. Later I turned to fiction and humor, with some minor success. A couple of novels, one for practice, one for real, though the latter would actually appear to be more practice. Various other sorts of things. On the whole, I write pretty well.

But I don’t write deep. And I want to write deep. Not deep, profound thoughts, not that kind of deep, though that’s part of it. No, the deep I mean is structural. I want to write pieces where structure, subject, language and intent all work together, through conscious choice on my part, to create powerful work. I want to learn how to think about the structure, the underpinning, the skeleton, of writing. I’ve neglected that in my writing. I can engage readers’ emotions now, but that’s not enough. I want to do it better. And that’s hard, in itself and for me, because I’m not a patient sort of writer. I blast through and hope to come out in the light on the other side. I hurt keyboards. And that’s not good enough anymore.

So, from time to time I will drop something in here, but the rest of the time I’m going to be digging back in the roots of writing, back to ancient rhetoric via the book Classical Rhetoric and the Modern Student, a textbook by Edward P. J. Corbett, along with some other books on writing, and philosophy, and logic. I might even open a blog on the course of what I study, but it would mostly be to keep track for myself. I doubt these things would interest the average blog surfer. After all, a middle-aged man rooting around in the intellectual intestines of Classical Greece isn’t a big draw in the age of Spears and Bush and Gates (the tech Gates, not the Defense Gates).

Damn, I feel calmer already! 🙂

I hope you liked the show.

Comments still welcome.

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7 Responses

  1. I’ll miss the snarling. Stop over and snarl at my spot once in awhile. And good luck in what you end up doing.

    See you once in awhile.


  2. It’s all about growing bigger fangs and a scarier snarl… 😉


  3. Ric,

    You are a very good writer. Will keep checking you online stuff but it will be good if you sit down seriously write down some interesting book that would be great. There are so many people who had written books and make tens of millions of dollars. You can do it better those writer. Write anything seriously, humor, romance, political satire you will be successful.

    My regards for your honesty and truthful writings.


  4. Light fluff is overrated. There is so much content available that only craftmanship will stand above the rest. That takes time, research, and some deep musing and inspiration.
    BTW I always liked the Trump on your logo – being a fan of gyroscopic open-air motoring myself.


  5. […] Ric placed an observative post today on The Cat Fades Away, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Theatre Goes DarkHere’s a quick excerptIt is, as I’ve said before, a valve to relieve high blood pressure brought on by the state of the United States today. It’s an emotional bleeder valve. It’s my way of striking back at the stupidities, the hypocrisies, … […]


  6. I used to run east of Maine – and into Maine – when a teenager. This chick from NYC gets off the bus at St. Stephen,N.B., next to Calais,Maine and walks over to where two riding buddies and I are stopped. They have Triumphs, a Bonny and a single carb which my friend said kept in tune better.
    So what does she want to have a go on ? My Bultaco Metralla 250. That thing sounded like a chain saw for Douglas Fir as we went for a ride in the country. It would do an indicated 102 mph when one was flat on the tank.
    Took it off the road in fog – had it fixed – and ended up selling it when I got married.
    Had a 1981GS750 EX Suzy that I took from Red Deer, Alberta to Fredericton,N.B. in 1983 while consoling myself from marriage breakup.Came back through the States and stopped at Oshkosh for the EAA fly-in.
    I was pretty well destroyed when I hit home after traveling
    11,000 kilometers during a heat wave – almost 7,000 miles. I had red runnels in my legs from chafing.
    These days I go occasionally on a 1973 Honda CB750 with a Vetter Windjammer III.


  7. See what happens when you get married… bye bye motorcycle happiness. There oughta be a law. Or at least something in the Code of the Road. Or is that Code of the Rode?


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