Bush, Republicans, Once Again Blind, Deaf, Dumb, And Greedy. Children Pay The Price.

If nothing else shows that Bush and the Republican party live in a delusional world of fantasy, or a gutter world of greed and sociopathy, the S-CHIP fight sure does.

Here’s Bush blithering about it in a Bloomberg story by Roger Runningen and Hans Nichols in today’s Globe.

Speaking here yesterday, Bush defended the veto. He said the measure would move SCHIP beyond the original intent of serving poor children and make benefits available to higher-income families, encouraging them to abandon private insurance for government coverage.

“Not only is the eligibility requirement being expanded way beyond the scope of the program,” he said, it “sounds like there’s a nationalization of medicine going on here.” There are “six or seven states” in which more money is being spent on adults than children, the president said.

Couple of things.

If so-called higher income families could afford health insurance, they’d get it. There’s a reason a lot of these families don’t have insurance. It’s not they’re going to abandon private insurance. It’s that they damn well can’t afford it in the first place because the insurance industry and the healthcare industry are out of control. And one reason why healthcare itself costs so much is because the insurance industry takes a big percentage off the top and forces medical providers to jump through so many hoops that they have to pay extra staff just to deal with insurance paperwork and demands.

But Little King Georgie ain’t never going to hear that story. His ears and the Republicans’ ears are stuffed full of bullwax from the insurance industry that pumps money into their coffers.

Which brings us to the second point so dear to the little psychopath’s heart, the ‘nationalization of medicine’.

Well, private ‘medicine’ isn’t doing the job, Georgie. If you’d get your head out of your butt for five seconds you might just see that. Oops, sorry, nope. This guy’s the Terry Schiavo of American Presidents, except that she suffered a tragedy, but he did it to himself. Drugs and booze ate half his brain and the other half is stuck in I.

So Bush and Republicans have a plan. Let the kids get sick and die. Let their lowlife attack dogs like Limbaugh publicly crap all over any family or child that supports the legislation. Give complete support to the insurance flacks and thieves who give the Republicans money for their foul, hypocritical, and deadly politics.

The Republicans still have a contract on America, and the perfect hit man in the White House, a brain damaged sociopath. How perfect and fitting that their target is sick children.


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