Ogonowski Ad: Walking On The Bones Of The 9/11 Dead To Get Votes

Over the weekend I caught an ad for Jim Ogonowski, who is running for the Fifth District House seat in Massachusetts. Ogonowski’s brother was the pilot of one of the planes that hit the Towers on 9/11.

The ad opened with a plane flying into the tower, and then continued with the pilot’s widow blithering on about something or other. I was too disgusted to hear her.

It’s sad that these two people lost someone close to them in that tragedy.

It’s disgusting that they would use that tragedy to get votes.

Ogonowski might just as well travel to New York, go to the Trade Center site and spit on it. He’ll be in good company, since Rudy Giuliani is doing the same thing in his campaign. These people have shown neither shame, nor decency, nor honor in their pursuit of political power.


2 Responses

  1. Ogonowski’s brother went to Boston College. I remember reading about that in my alumni magazine.

    That’s not necessarily a good reason to vote for him (unless he good friends with Doug Flutie) (OK, I’m kidding), but ANYONE who uses that type of ad to get elected should be disqualified on general principles.


  2. All Republicans are running on 9/11 and Democrats are trying to be like them when it come to stupidity. There is serious need that US change its policies and elected President who can put America back on track. There are two candidates who can do this Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul.


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