Turkish Genocide Flap: An Equitable And Fair Solution

The Turks are sooooo upset about a Congressional committee calling a genocide a genocide that they’re throwing a tantrum to get the Congress to show once again how spineless it is in matters of ethics, of basic right and wrong.

Perhaps it’s time for cooler heads in Turkey to prevail.

Instead of all this noise and nonsense, extortion and blackmail, whining and blithering, the Turkish Parliament should sit itself down and pass a resolution condemning the United States for committing genocide against the American Indians.

How simple is that, eh? Tit for tat.

The Turks slaughtered the Armenians in a genocide.

The Americans slaughtered the Indians in a genocide.

The Turks and Americans call each other out. All square.

So, we’re even, though the Turks might be a little ahead on the body count. The Americans never count civilian dead, under a policy that says ‘If we killed it, it’s an enemy of America.’ Non-American children take notice, please.

So let’s shake bloody hands across the table and go get a beer. Or a coffee. Whatever.

Doesn’t do much for the Armenians and the Indians, but what the hell, the way Turkey and America are going there will be plenty of dead bodies to keep company with the slaughtered, the imprisoned, and the tortured in the next few years.


5 Responses

  1. Yes, that sounds eminently fair. And we get a nice cup of Turkish espresso to boot.



  2. US Senators, US Congressman have all lost their mind. Turkey is furious, more determined to go into Northern Iraq after this bill passed by the brain dead Congressman. You, I believe, forget to write about the bill introduced by warmonger Zionist Senator Joe Lieberman, declaring Iranian Revolutionary Guards as “terrorists”. Iranian Parliament was quick to respond to that bill by passing a bill declaring “US Military” and “CIA” as terrorists organizations.

    WTF wrong with the majority of politicians, why the majority of Americans ignore their stupidity.


  3. QB, I think Turkey would go into Iraq, if they want to, no matter what the Congress says about the events 90 years ago. If we’re going to let every nation we criticize decide our policies, we might as well finish the job of shredding the Constitution that Bush has started (and pretty much damn near finished already).

    Besides, if Turkey does kick the U.S. out and deny access to bases and such, maybe that will crimp the war effort and save a few lives. Or maybe not. Who the hell knows? In any event, the Pentagon geniuses should have an alternative. If they don’t, then they are incompetent.

    The Iranian Parliament had the right idea. Nobody’s got clean hands.

    As for Lieberman, he’s pathetic. He doesn’t need me to point that out. He does a good job of it himself.

    And I can’t write about everything. I’m just one poor little blogger seeking my little corner of fame in a cruel, harsh world. (‘Scuse me, I have to go laugh at myself now.)


  4. LOL. Laughing with you Ric.


  5. That beats the alternative, eh? 🙂


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