U.S. Healthcare Best In The World? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

A study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine found that children who see doctors regularly get the correct care less than half the time, according to a piece from the AP in today’s Globe.

Eighty-two percent [of the 1,536 kids in the study] were covered by private insurance. Three-quarters were white, and all lived in or near large or midsize cities.

Obviously non-whites and kids with not-so-good insurance or no insurance fared a hell of a lot worse.

A study of adults found that they got only 55 percent of recommended care.

Truth is, American healthcare sucks unless you’re rich. That’s the Republican way. Remember it whenever one of those white Republicans talks about the evil of so-called socialized medicine. He’s blowing smoke out his ass and into your face while he collects payments from American insurance and pharmaceutical companies, whether it’s in stock dividends or funds for his political activities.

Don’t forget, he’s got his health needs taken care of. And you don’t. And won’t. Not while these guys are running things.

2 Responses

  1. It’s quite the irony isn’t it? When people say, “America has the greatest health care in the world”, there are two answers.

    It’s probably true, in that we DO have the best medicines, medical equipment, facilities, scientists, doctors, etc.

    But then comes the other side of the coin. Fair and equitable distribution of care. There is a reason that is Saudi Arabian sheik with some unusual ailment would fly (with family and entourage) in to Los Angeles and admit himself to UCLA Medical Center for treatment. It goes directly to part one of my irony.

    Part two is that I live a mile from UCLA and don’t get my health care there (usually) and when I do, I don’t get “sheik treatment”.

    Our technology is at, or near, the best. Our care is way down the list. Many other countries do it better. I haven’t seen Sicko yet, but it’s sitting in front of my TV and I have to watch it.

    As spineless as the Democrats are, at least we can hope that once the have veto-proof control on the congress and a Dem Pres, they might get something done about this. Then again, they will probably become spineless again in the face of corporate America.


  2. Ric

    The Republicans and Democrats who insist on private medical care are protecting the big corporations. Health care can issue can be solved with Universal Government Care Program which will be more cheaper, provide free medical care to all Americans. These corrupt politicians had make the people believe that Government Heath Care program is bad.


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