Mitt Romney: The Psychic Mitten

Mitt Romney, erstwhile hypocrite running for the GOP nomination to grab the White House, has turned to fortune telling. Apparently he believes he can see the future. The Lion is unable to determine The Mitten’s method – tarot, clairvoyance, astrology (a favorite of Reagan Republicans) – but it’s obvious he’s onto something. Or possibly on something.

Friday he boasted in New Hampshire that he is the only GOP candidate to sign a so-called no-new-taxes pledge.

The Mitten must know what’s going to happen tomorrow. And what the state of the country and the world will be in January 2009 when he would take office. And in 2010, and 2011, and 2012. Things must be pretty good up there in the future, because The Mitten is saying we aren’t going to have to pay for anything beyond what we’re paying now. Not even the massive debt racked up by the Republicans in the last six years.

The Lion would suggest another motive.

The Mitten hasn’t a clue about good governance, but he does want to send a message to his rich friends, and to Bush’s rich friends, and to rich people everywhere, that they will continue to get a free ride on the backs of the working people and the working poor in America. No new taxes means the rich conservatives and the rich Republicans and the corporations get to keep the tax bonanza Bush and the Republican Congress awarded them.

Message sent, Mr. Mitten, and The Lion is sure it has been received. The Lion does question whether the message is not also a suck-up to The Mitten’s rich friends that he needs cash, having infused several million of his own dollars into his campaign.

As for the middle and lower classes, be prepared to continue to be trickled on by the pissonomics of Republicans if this guy gets into office.

The Lion notes that Mr. Mitten refused to sign the tax pledge in 2002 because he didn’t want to tie his hands in office.

The Lion suggests that it might be good policy to cuff the little twerp right now and lock him in a cell before he can get into position to screw over the United States more than Bush and his pals already have done.


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