Blacks Not As Dumb As Conservatives Like To Think

Republicans, Conservatives, Klanners, and Faux American Nazis, take notice. One of your big myths that you stroke yourselves with has always been that black people are dumber than you.

Now there’s absolute proof that you’re wrong, and that there really isn’t anyone dumber than you.

Front page of today’s Globe, lead story. Black enlistment in the military down by 58 percent over the last  six years.

Blacks aren’t so stupid, are they? They can read. They can make political judgments. They know a bad deal when they see one. They know a sleazy, lying President and a sleazy, lying Republican party when they see them. 

And hell, even white enlistment is down, but only by ten percent.

Could it possibly be that young people see right through the crap the Bush administration is throwing out there?

Can they be looking at multiple extended combat tours? Failed veteran’s healthcare systems that treat vets like dirt? Bush lies about ‘progress’ in Iraq? Iraqi lies about ‘progress’ in Iraq? Rich people not paying taxes? Wealthy white kids (like Romney’s five little hypocrites) not signing up while flapping their mouths to support the death and destruction in Bush’s wars? Incompetent and politicized military leadership?

And where are the kids of Congressmen? Not in Iraq, that’s for damn sure, and especially not the kids of Republican Congressmen who support the war.

Could it be that the economically and educationally and racially disadvantaged among us realize that the so-called war on terror is really a war by the United States government on its own people?

If so, they’re way ahead of the white middle class, and way way far ahead of anyone calling themselves a Republican or a Conservative.


16 Responses

  1. ‘Blacks aren’t so stupid, are they? They can read. They can make political judgments”.

    That stat does not change any minds. The fact that most blacks will line up like lemmings to vote democrat next year is testament to the almost total dumbing-down at the hands of the socialist democrat party. Nope, we still think they are stupid, as we think any person is tha votes for that ship of fools. Dumbed-down, dependent democrats unite! Your gravy train is on the way you blithering fools….


  2. Ah, yes. There’s no sound quite like that of the jackboots of the ignorant and the bigoted marching in lockstep to the ‘heh-heh-heh’ rhythm of George Bush’s Republicans.

    Tell them what to do, they’ll do it. Tell them what to think, they’ll think it. Tell them to shut up and follow, and their silence will deafen democracy.


  3. Neither is GW Bush as dumb as Liberals think. It is just that he does dumb things. The genius of GW Bush is in his ability to fail so gracefully. THAT takes talent!


  4. Ah Ric, nothing like kids spewing the same predictable old tired buzzwords. Time to drink more of that Kool Aid junior, OPEN WIDE…lmfao


  5. I’ve noticed that the people who are so obsessed with “drinking the kool-aid” are the ones who are ACTUALLY drinking it! How one can criticize the liberals for anything other than not having the spine to stand up to the worst President in our history is a remarkable thing to me.


  6. Michael, your words stand as a proud testament to the choices you’ve made in life.

    Good luck with that.


  7. WOW, your not even smart enough to be ashamed of yourselves for posting the same tired crap. Don’t be a simpleton, don’t assume everyone that doesn’t repeat your infantile BS is a Bush supporter. Other people, like me, who don’t support Bush, still beleive that people that think like you are idiots. Its as if you kids are programmed to think everyone is a bust supporter. Oh wait, you are programmed…sorry forgot…open wide, your pal John B is passing the Kool Aid. LOL. Misery does indeed love company….


  8. Michael, you’re obviously way too complex and advanced for us simple folk. We’re simply not capable of figuring out your … whatever it is that you’re selling. So you go and have yourself a nice life. Bye bye.


  9. Interesting dude…


  10. Not really.


  11. That’s what I meant.


  12. I know. I just couldn’t help myself. Just had to restate the obvious. Thought Michael might miss it. 🙂


  13. I knew you knew and was saying it for Michael as well.


  14. I knew that.


  15. So did Dove.


  16. Ah… Dove. How is the lass?


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