Defense Department Awarding Employees The Iron Cross For Hate

The woman in the picture is Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Photo courtesy Common Dreams ( When several British Members of Parliament visited her at the Department of Defense on September 11, she said to them “I hate all Iranians.”

Here’s the original article.

The MPs were shocked, shocked that a member of the United States government could say such a thing. Apparently they’ve been unaware of the kind of people running the American government for the past several years.

The Lion would like to know why she is wearing a German Iron Cross while representing the government. Can we expect government employees soon to be mandated to start the day with a ‘Sieg Bush’? Perhaps Ms. Cagan is primping for a position as commandant of a Midwestern concentration camp for Iranians, and any others she can fit under her canopy of hatred?

Why is this woman still employed in a sensitive position in the Department of Defense?

How many others share her views but are not so stupid as to publicly declare such violent prejudices? They need to be rooted out,  then dropped naked in the middle of the night in Sadr City or some other equally inhospitable place where they can answer for American crimes against Iraqis. And that should happen before they can commit the massive crimes against the Iranian people that Crazy George has in mind.

These Republicans, these sociopathic degenerates who have brought so much useless, needless death and destruction into the world, belong in cages, not in American government.


4 Responses

  1. The number of people like her on the rise in America which is very unfortunate, they hate everyone who had different opinions than their own without understanding the opposing point of view.


  2. And that doesn’t leave those of us with at least some modicum of sanity left much choice except to fight fire with fire. Let’s get out there and burn some Republicans at the stake, dammit! And bring marshmallows! 🙂


  3. The picture is a couple years old and was taken when the medal was being awarded to her. She didn’t choose to wear it as a hate symbol as the original article implied…

    If she said that, let the MP’s come forward and accuse her of it publicly, not in some anonymous, defamatory article. She would and perhaps will be run out of office if it is true…. if not by Bush, then by the Democratic congress.


  4. Hardly anonymous. The story was published in the Daily Mail in Britain. I forgot to put in the link yesterday, but it’s there now.

    Now had the Bush administration made a practice of putting competent, responsible people into the bureaucracy, we could easily discount this story. But since the administration’s practice has been to install and keep incompetent and irresponsible ideologues throughout the government, the story has added credibility.

    And that the Pentagon, which specializes in lying to cover its ass, denies the story merely serves to add further to its credibility.

    You might also note that the original story cited here does not mention the medal. I simply find it congruous with the actions and ideology of the administration that an employee would have no problem wearing what appears to be a symbol of Nazism. Or expressing hatred of a national/ethnic group.


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