Under All The Fancy Talk It’s The Same Old War

With all the talk of IEDs and EFPs, a person could lose sight of the facts.

IED = Improvised Explosive Device in Army talk.

EFP = Explosively Formed Penetrator in Army talk. It also equals an excuse for Crazy George to attack Iran.

But what are we talking about, really?

IED = land mine.

EFP = more sophisticated land mine.

How about Al Qaeda in Iraq equals guerrilla fighters, mostly native Iraqis who don’t much give a damn about Al Qaeda?

How about insurgents equal Iraqi patriots fighting against an invader?

Same old crap, just fancier names to make us think it’s different so we’ll be more anxious, more fearful, more knee-jerk patriotic instead of pissed off at and ashamed of the United States government.

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