UN Slaps White House Lie About Iraq Elections. Bush Again Fails Intelligence Test.

In the Globe today Farah Stockman writes that Bush is pushing for Iraq to call for new provincial elections in order to create more local accountability.

US officials are urging Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to set a date for new provincial elections as soon as possible, hoping that the rise of local politics in Iraq will spur better governance and grass-roots reconciliation between Shi’ites and Sunnis. Sunnis, who boycotted the 2005 provincial elections, are grossly underrepresented on the councils.

Apparently Bush is desperately trying anything to create the appearance of improvement in the slaughterhouse he’s created in Iraq.

But [a new election] is facing opposition from both Iraqi politicians and officials at the United Nations, who say the 2005 elections were free and fair, and that the country is not yet ready for another vote.

The UN has told Iraq that it is at least a year away from being able to hold credible elections. In any event, the current officeholders were elected to serve until 2009. But that’s not good enough for Bush.

[A UN official] also told the Globe that the United Nations has complained to US officials about a recent White House report that states that the United Nations, alongside the United States, is “strongly encouraging the Government of Iraq to set a date for provincial elections.”

“We are not strongly pushing for elections,” he said. “We maintain that this is a sovereign country and it is up to the Iraqis when the elections take place.”

It’s not enough that Bush and his pals have no clue about the situation in Iraq, but they have to lie about the people who do know what’s going on and who have the intelligence and competence to actually do good, productive things there.

And all the talk Bush pushes about Iraqi sovereignty is another lie. As long as he tells the Iraqi government, as pathetic and weak as it is, that they have to do things the Bush way, then he shows again that he cares not a bit about Iraqi democracy and sovereignty. Not that Iraq actually has either of those things.

As a UN official notes:

“If you have any voter exercise, you will need political parties to be on board, you will want them to agree that this is a good thing, so they don’t boycott it and they ensure that the turn-out is calm,” said the UN official. “The benchmarks have gained momentum in the administration that ‘This is what needs to be done,’ without understanding the difficulties of doing it quickly and without gaining the full support from the Iraqis.”

Precisely the sort of knowledge and thinking the Bush administration has shown over and over that it cannot do. Indeed, they don’t even care to try. Their attitude from the beginning has been that killing people and blowing up houses and cities will solve Iraq’s problems.

Unfortunately Iraq’s real problem is George Bush and his American army of illegal occupation.

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