Students Getting Dumber?

Must be something in the air that’s making college students stupid lately. First there’s Meyer down in Florida throwing a tot tantrum and getting tasered. Now there’s Star Simpson of MIT walking into an airport with a device looking a lot like a bomb controller hanging off her shirt (albeit looking like a controller from a dumb TV show rather than a real one).

Methinks these people have confused real life with TV and movie idiocies like Jackass and similar stupidities.

Imagine the furor if she’d been even stupider and gotten herself killed by police over her flashing light board.

On the other hand, maybe they’re taking their example from Senators hanging out in public bathrooms, or Republican politicians lying about important things like war and national economics, and demonstrating gross incompetence in matters great and small.

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2 Responses

  1. Dumber? The only people getting dumer here on the boston police. She was a smart young girl, waiting for her boyfriend at the airport. She was wearing a jacket with a light up screen on it, that she was wearing to get her group attention later that day at a carrier fair.

    Yet Boston police seem to have been watching too many action movies where bombs have big blinking lights on them. Honestly, I read this story and the first thing I thought was that a lot of police and airport staff are going to get fired for almost shooting a innocent college student at an airport.


  2. She may be MIT smart, but she’s not real-world smart.

    As for the police, given the tenor of the times, they cannot assume innocence when confronted with what may or may not be a bomb. Whether we like it or not, they have to assume the worst in a case like this.

    Simpson was simply fortunate that the police didn’t follow the example of the British police who shot first, killing a man, and asked questions later.


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