Feeling Trickled On By The Bush Economy?

In today’s Globe Kimberly Blanton writes that the real estate market is booming if you’re rich:

Sales of single-family homes priced at $1 million and above have surged 9.6 percent so far this year, compared with a 5 percent decline in sales of homes under $1 million, according to Warren Group, a Boston publisher of real estate data and news.

It’s all part of the diabolical conservative plan to remake America. Create and cater to a class of rich and super-rich, reduce the middle class to a bunch of whimpering wimps constantly on the edge of bankruptcy, and let the working poor and the poor collect the trickle of crumbs to be had in serfing for the rich people.

It appears to be working. The Bushies are buying multi-million dollar homes, the working people can’t afford rent or mortgages and live in dread of getting sick and losing what they’ve got, and Bush’s only answer is to drag the country deeper into wars that will kill off more working poor and middle-class people, while the rich don’t have to pay taxes, don’t have to send their kids to Iraq, don’t have to apologize, don’t have to sweat getting sick, don’t have to lift a finger (except that one in the middle that they show to the rest of us all the time) because Maria the maid does all the work, and they sure don’t give a damn about the future of the United States.

We didn’t end welfare. We just took the money from the people who needed help and handed it to the rich people. That’s the Republican way. Rob the poor to support the rich.



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