Call For A General Strike November 6, 2007.

In the October Harper’s magazine Garret Keizer, in the Notebook pages, calls for a general strike on November 6, 2007 across the country.

It’s on the newsstands, I believe, but not online at the Harper’s site yet.

He calls for the people to retake the government. To strike until Bush and Cheney are removed.

Send a message to the so-called people’s representatives that the people want to be represented.

If you can’t not work, then don’t buy. Don’t go to the mall. Don’t spend except for the absolute necessities. And maintain the strike until the government is ours once again and the rule of law is in place once again.

Can it happen? I don’t know. Other countries do it and get results. We certainly have sufficient reason to do it. More than sufficient.

While saying “It won’t do any good” comes easily to our lips, we can’t know that. If a genuine general strike could be made to happen, can we say it will fail? We can’t know. We can do and follow through and let the chips fall where they may.

The cost of doing nothing, which is the only alternative, given the failure of Congress and the arrogance of Bush and company, is to watch our soldiers die for Bush’s arrogance and stupidity, to watch Iraqis die in the slaughterhouse Bush has created and Congress enabled, to watch our country sink deeper into debt, and continue our criminal behavior that would earn any other country open contempt and condemnation.

If you blog, ask for a strike. Spread the word. Maybe the idea will take hold and come to fruition. Strike for regime change in America. Strike to remove Bush and Cheney. Strike back at their takeover and degradation of our country, our Constitution, our honor and our future.


4 Responses

  1. November 6 is a bit of a way off.. I’m going to begin next Monday. My footprint as a consumer is pretty small as it is, but I still see room for improvement. The main thing is to spread the word and get others to do the same, as you’re doing. I’ll do the same.


  2. The article was read to me a week ago Wednesday while I was making supper – great idea that I endorse! I was in DC for the 9/15 rally and march and have “suggested” Garret Keizer’s “suggestion” to my fellow riders and Answer Coalition organizer. Why not? Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Garret made the case better than I can – read his article.


  3. Well dangit, I wish I knew about this before yesterday!
    It seems like this strike was not well known… at least from my perspective.


  4. Jeez, Joe, you mean you didn’t get one of the gold engraved invitations on the heavy white card stock, personalized with your name and medical and financial history? 🙂

    Yeah, not an event that caught on anywhere. Guess we have to wait for the Bush Brownshirts to make their appearance before anyone gets the big picture.


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