Obligatory Bush Post On ‘The Speech’. (Shucks, Do I Hafta?)

You can find all the analysis and parsing you could possibly dream of out there today, on the tube, in the papers, on the web.  The Lion can’t really add much to any of it, nor is he inclined to do so.

The Lion notes that George Bush is a sad, pathetic little man who should be taking antipsychotic medication in a locked room. Unfortunately, he has gained political power in this country and is propped up by a Republican party intent on putting party over country, party over the law, party over the Constitution. When one of their Presidential candidates, Governor Huckabee, praises the President and calls the disaster in Iraq a theological war, as he did after the speech last night, you know that the Republicans have gone around the bend into madness and intend to take us and the world with them.

Thousands of Americans and Iraqis will die in the next year for no other reason than to maintain George Bush in power and to allow the Republicans to pretend that they have anything meaningful to say or do.

While those of us on the side of light may criticize the Democrats for failing to stop the war, to stop the psychotic in the White House, we have to accept that they are almost as powerless as we are. The Republicans have and use their votes to keep the war going, to keep their insane little poppet propped up. And yes, the Democrats could do more, could swing harder, could hit harder, and I wish they would. But it’s the Republicans who are responsible, who keep the madness and chaos going, who keep the killing fields open, and who must be made to pay, the sooner the better.

This country will see neither peace nor sanity nor harmony, neither justice nor fairness nor equality until the Republican party lies shattered on the ashheap of American history.

And a special note for Republican John Boehner, of ‘small price’ fame – you are beneath contempt. If you had the slightest shred of decency and integrity you would resign from the Congress. But a person who is so contemptuous of democracy and law that he hands out lobbyist checks on the floor of the House of Representatives obviously not only has neither decency nor integrity, but does not even know the meaning of the words. Unfortunately, to hear a Republican demean and denigrate every soldier who has ever fought in this country’s wars, to spit on their families and their graves, is no longer a matter of outrage. It’s business as usual for the Republicans.


2 Responses

  1. Every time I read something like this, I wonder how hard the Founding Fathers would bitchslap Congress if they came back to life.


  2. Love to see that! Even better, they could put Bush and his gang in chains, lock them into stocks on the Mall, and hand out hard green tomatoes to the crowd.


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