Republican Candidates Disqualify Themselves From Presidency Due To High Doofus Factor

In today’s Globe:

Republican Candidate Mitt Romney told the Associated Press that Obama had “disqualified himself for presidential leadership” with his call for an end to US involvement in Iraq.

According to the Mitten, to call for an end to an illegal war and occupation, an end to the waste of ten billion dollars a week, an end to the lies and distortions, an end to the deaths of Americans and Iraqis, and the restoration of sanity to American government disqualifies Obama from leadership.

And saying whatever the local crowd wants to hear, torturing a dog, lying about your positions on issues, swift-boating another candidate with a bogus website, and demonstrating serious ignorance of international issues qualifies the Mitten to serve as President.

Spin in that grave, Orwell, spin, spin, spin!

And in the same paragraph:

And Rudy Giuliani attacked Clinton for telling Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker that their report required the suspension of disbelief. “Why would you say that about an American general?” Giuliani said.

Apparently Rudy G is no longer qualified to be President either. He’s way too naive. And he was actually alive and unimpaired when General Westmoreland, an American general, was lying his way through Vietnam.

And possibly, Rudy baby, it just might be that Petraeus’ view of the war accords as much with reality as your statement that you spent as much time on the rubble of the World Trade Center as the guys who actually did spend day after day, month after month there, and lost their health doing it.

A little earlier in the same story:

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona launched a “No Surrender” tour in Iowa. “We have suffered enormous losses, and Americans are frustrated and angry,” he said. “But we do have a new strategy and a new general and it is succeeding and we ought to give it a chance to succeed.”

Apparently Johnny boy missed the part where we invaded and occupied Iraq, not the other way around. Invaders don’t surrender, don’t even think about it, unless they’re in the position of Paulus’s Sixth Army at Stalingrad. Yes, Johnny, we could stay in Iraq for a good long time, maybe even a hundred years. We could bury our treasury there, bury generation after generation of our soldiers there, bury a few million Iraqis too. And the result would always be the same.

The Iraqis will ultimately decide what they want and little of what the United States does will change any of that. It’s not about surrender, Johnny. It’s about facing reality. It’s about restoring sanity to the United States government. It’s about getting Bush and his supporters and enablers out of government and into the insane asylums where they, and apparently you, belong.

And yes, Johnny, we Americans are frustrated and angry, especially at putzes like you and your conservative friends, who keep pushing this war, keep pushing death and chaos and destruction, who keep believing the lies of George Bush and the fudged figures of the Pentagon, who want to believe that the world is still the way it was in the Fifties.  And the Fifties were crap.

The basic fact is that none of these guys are qualified to be President. Hell, just being a Republican is sufficient disqualification.


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  1. Bush is speaking of Iraq tonight and he will tell Americans that Iraq war will continue beyond his Presidency according to CNN reporters. We really can’t do anything.


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