Massachusetts Health Insurers Out Of Control, Again Raise Rates, Consider Limiting Access To Care

In a Globe story today, the front page lead, by Jeffrey Krasner, Massachusetts health insurance terrorists say they’re going to raise rates by about ten percent. Again.

They raise the rates every year.

And what are the bigwigs thinking about this:

“I see no end in sight to these increases,” said Stuart Altman, professor of national health policy and Management at Brandeis University in Waltham. “The only thing that’s going to stop this is a meltdown of our healthcare system.”

Altman said fundamental changes in the nation’s healthcare system – such as capping payments or limiting access to care – are needed to slow the spending escalation. But barring a crisis, he said, such as a drastic rise in the number of uninsured, significant reform measures are unlikely.

Read the code. ‘Limiting access to care.’ That means let’s throw the poor people out into the street to take the pressure off the system. ‘Capping payments’? That means pay less to doctors and hospitals to make sure they won’t take care of poor and economically disadvantaged people.

As for the crisis that Altman is waiting for? Dude, it’s already here. There’s forty-seven million people out there now who haven’t got and can’t afford health care. More join them everyday as prices of private insurance rise and rise and rise, and employers cut back and back and back on providing insurance plans.

Why do these stories always use sources who seem to live in a bubble totally divorced from the real world in which real people live?

Of course Massachusetts touts its new insurance tyranny law that forces people to buy health insurance, but does nothing to provide health care. Good plan, guys. Let’s slap middle-aged people on fixed incomes with a $600 a month cost for insurance so they can spend their retirements deciding whether to pay the fuel bill or pay the insurance bill, when they’re not spending their time fighting the insurance company to get them to pay out the benefits.

We won’t have good health care in this country until we get the insurance companies out of the way. And get rid of the politicians who support them.

Until then the United States will continue to have the most backward healthcare system in the developed world. Call it an anti-healthcare system.

And how about we start asking our newspapers to find sources that live and work in the real world instead of in ivory towers that sound a lot like they’re supported by the insurance industry.

End insurance terror. Create real health care. For everybody.


One Response

  1. You nailed it!! “Limiting access” is the key phrase.

    If you don’t have the money you are going to suffer

    and die. The Feds broke up huge monopolies in the early

    20th century. Why can’t they break up the insurance-

    medical complex?


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