Globe Lead On Petraeus Just A Tad Strange. Just A Tad.

One of the Globe’s lead stories today is a news analysis piece by Peter Canellos on the Petraeus and Crocker hearings yesterday. The Lion knows it’s an analysis piece because it says so, right there at the top of the story.

But the lead just strikes the Lion as… well… let’s try dissonant.

Army General David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker yesterday gave Americans something that many say they’re been yearning for: a straight, sober, and nuanced presentation of the situation in Iraq.

The two officials’ air of sincerity and competence probably put to rest the notion, advanced by some liberal groups, that they would parrot the agenda of the Bush administration.

Ummmm. Errr. Oh dear.

First off, Americans haven’t been yearning for nuances for a long time, about anything. Americans accept a news environment that values yelling and lying and distortion and sensationalism, and they truly value that because they keep watching it and believing that it is giving them the truth.

Second off, if Americans wanted straight and sober assessments of the situation in Iraq, all they had to do was look for them. Honest, credible people have been speaking truth for years about Iraq. Scott Ritter for example. Americans chose not to listen.

Americans would rather, and did, believe a man who provided an air of sincerity and competence, while they ignored his obvious political machinations, his lies, his distortions, his incompetence, his drunkenness, his drug use, and his cowardice. A bunch of them still believe the little snot.

Third off, Petraeus and Crocker did parrot the Bush agenda. All their words came down to one thing. “Stay the course.” There’s nothing more to it than that.

That anyone today could be bamboozled by a general, however competent in his limited sphere, wearing a fruit salad of ribbons (which one is for personal hygiene, David?) beggars belief.

And while Ambassador Crocker may have great credentials in that he speaks Arabic and apparently knows something about the Middle East, he is nonetheless a practicing member of an American Administration well-versed and practiced in lies, distortions and hypocrisy, not to mention again incompetence, and sociopathic behavior.

These two guys may be decent individuals. The people to whom they are beholden for their jobs are not, and Petraeus and Crocker choose to continue hanging out with them and speaking for them. Would you trust a guy who hangs out with the gang of hoods and thieves down at the local bar?

And finally, the headline on the Canellos piece starts off “Hearteningly nuanced presentation”.

The Lion cannot recall another instance in the history of the world of nuance being heartening.

In the brutal slaughterhouse that is Iraq under the Americans, there are no nuances. There is incompetence. There is deception. There is hypocrisy. There is greed. There is hatred. There is blood. There is massive death.

Not a nuance in the bunch.


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