Romney Calls Bin Laden Delusional. The Old Pot And Kettle Trick…

In a piece in the Globe’s Campaign Notebook today, Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney, referring to Osama bin Laden’s latest video missive, commented “Who can be so deluded as he is?”

In the 26-minute video, bin Laden compares the Iraq war to Vietnam, criticizes the Democratic party for failing to prompt a US pullout from Iraq, and encourages Americans to welcome Islam. He does not make any direct warning of an imminent attack.

Let’s play ‘Find the Delusion’.

Comparing the Iraq war to Vietnam?

George ‘Nutso’ Bush did that the other day. So it must be true that the President is delusional, apparently just as delusional as bin Laden. On the other hand, any rational person would have realized long ago that Bush is delusional and bin Laden is wrapped a little too tightly.

The Democrats failing to prompt a pullout from Iraq?

Delusional? No. They have failed to take a truly strong stand, and they’ve also been stymied by Republican determination to continue the slaughter in Iraq. So that’s hardly a delusional statement. Let’s not forget Romney’s little delusion of doubling the size of the Guantanamo concentration and torture camp while sane people everywhere want the place closed. Perhaps he’s looking for a place to board the dog he tortured some years ago.

Encourages Americans to welcome Islam?

As opposed to killing every Muslim who wants to come here? As opposed to deporting every one of the several million Muslims already here, living good lives as peaceful American citizens and migrants? Come on, Mitten, where’s the delusion?

Let’s try on some of the Mitten’s delusions:

…Romney was asked how he would respond to Iran. He said the United States must “tighten the sanctions hard so that the people of Iran understand just what renegades their leaders seem like on the world stage.”

Romney’s calling for communal punishment of civilians because he disagrees with the Iranian leadership. Romney forgets, or refuses to accept, that hard sanctions on Iraq caused the death of half a million children following the first American war there. So let’s kill a couple of million Iranian kids because the President of Iran is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. And that will make the Iranians hate themselves and love us? Right, Mitten? Did you notice how well that worked in Iraq?

And let’s not forget that the Iranians have not broken any laws or treaties in the matter of nuclear development. All we have is a deranged American President saying the Iranians might – might – develop a bomb, so we ought to rain bombs and missiles on them just in case. And Romney goes along with this. Who’s delusional?

And just to get religious for a minute, Romney practices a religion based on a bogus book, supposedly written on gold plates and given to Mormonism’s founder, Joseph Smith, by an angel, and which Smith translated from bogus Egyptian using special eyeglasses. Say, Mitt, where’s the book, the gold one? Be worth a fortune on eBay, eh? As religious delusions go, that’s pretty imaginative, but just as dumb as the founding myths of any other religion. And practitioners are just as predisposed to accept delusions as anybody in the local asylum, apparently.

Bin Laden’s got his 72 ‘virgins’ and bogus version of Islam, and the Mitten has his bogus gold book and attendant nonsense legends. Between the two of them, assuming America is stupid enough to put another Republican in the White House, the Mitten and bin Laden can kill and torture a hell of a lot more innocent people.

But the prize for delusions really has to go to the American side. America lost 3,000 people on 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, had no connection to the criminals. Yet America actually believes that the deaths of over half a million people in the slaughterhouse they’ve created in Iraq isn’t enough to balance the scales.

Now that’s goddamned powerful delusional thinking. It’s the sort of thinking that Mitt Romney believes in, and for which he is willing to kill millions of innocent people.

So who’s really delusional, Mitt?

My money’s on the Americans.


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