South Korea A Haven For Republican Values, Thieves And Miscreants

According to the Associated Press, a South Korean man who embezzled one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) doesn’t have to go to prison because he is too important.

Chung Mong-koo, chairman of Hyundai Motor Company, stole a hundred million dollars. He was convicted.


Presiding Judge Lee Jae-hong told the packed courtroom that Hyundai has great influence over the nation’s economy and Chung, its hands-on leader, is the symbol of the company.

I doubt I’ll be buying a Hyundai any time soon.

But wouldn’t the Republicans just love this country? South Korea values its criminals. Wouldn’t the Enron gang, Tom Delay, Ted Stevens, Larry Craig, and all those other Republican bribe takers, influence peddlers, thieves, and suchlike, the very cream of Republican values (you know, values, the things people actually do in life rather than what they profess to believe), wouldn’t they all just love to live in South Korea. It’s their kind of place. Of course they’re trying to create Korea here so they won’t have to move.

Why, South Korea, largely an American creation, is just like Big Brother America under Bush and the Republicans. The rich do what they like, unfettered by law, and the poor and the workers do the time while the rich and powerful point fingers slimy with hypocrisy.

Let’s hear it for Amerikorea.


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