General Petraeus: The United States Will Be In Iraq For Two Hundred Years

Two hundred years? Really? Surely someone is jesting!?

But no. Behold the front page lead story in the Globe today, written by Charles M. Sennott of the Globe staff. While the headline touts Petraeus backing a small troop cut and indicates that Petraeus obviously labors under the impression that removing troops from here and moving them to there will somehow end the brilliant whack-a-mole game played by the Iraqis whose country we invaded and currently occupy, the dark truth is found mid-story.

But Petraeus, a scholar with a Princeton Ph.D as well as a military man, also takes a long view of the Iraqi government’s inability thus far to tackle such fundamental social and political change.

“It takes time to resolve these issues, just as it took the US time to resolve fundamental issues like civil rights . . . or states rights,” he said.

It took the United States over two hundred years to ‘resolve’ those issues, and to tell the truth, they’re still not resolved. Republicans still crow about states rights (code for “We don’t think niggers should be allowed to vote”), and they’ve found new and ingenious ways to trample on everyone’s civil rights, except for the rich and the wealthy who funnel all that money to them. Remember the myth of habeas corpus being a foundation stone of Western democracy? Not any more, babe, not any more. The Republicans stole that from us too.

Obviously the General, an intelligent man, thinks the U.S. will have troops over there for a couple of hundred years killing Iraqis until they get the ‘rights’ thing right. Probably more like a thousand years. After all, don’t they breed children and terrorists faster than Republican white people breed children, tax shirkers, war shirkers, and would-be dictators?

Yup, gonna be a long haul for those poor bastards.

Americans, that is.


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