Congress Comes Back. Will Dems Fight Or Will They Count Votes?

There’s a couple of givens in Congress right now.

One is that the Republicans will continue to support whatever Bush wants. They’ve decided to put party over country, personality over reason, despite having a genuine nutcase in the White House. He’s their nutcase, so that makes it okay.

Second is that the Democrats do not have the votes to overcome Republican immorality and anti-Americanism. The Republicans will filibuster anything the Democrats propose that might end the insanity we’re committing in the Middle East or that might actually do something positive domestically. After all, it’s Republicans calling for an end to aid to New Orleans and hurling barely disguised racial slurs at the people of New Orleans.

So what will the Democrats do?

If they count votes and decide that if they can’t win a vote then there’s no point in pursuing the issue, then they’re dead meat.

Obviously they can’t overcome a filibuster.

Obviously they can’t overcome a veto.

And waiting for some Republicans to change sides is nothing if not defeatism. Democrats will be playing Didi and Gogo, but without hope as nothing but an illusion of Godot lies over the horizon.

Waiting for Republicans to do something good or right simply plays into their hands.

But to fold? That’s craven cowardice. That’s abandoning the country. That’s ceding the field to the enemy.

If the Democrats can’t vote down a filibuster, then let the Republicans filibuster. Let the onus be on the Republicans. Let the country see that it’s the Republicans keeping the war going, denying help to America and Americans, continuing insane policies here and abroad. But don’t let them get away with threatening a filibuster and then not forcing them to carry it out.

Same for a veto. So what if the Chief Nutso threatens a veto. Let him carry it out. Let everyone see that he’s responsible. Stop giving him a free ride.

Drag these people out into the light of day. Drag their irresponsible, destructive, mean-spirited views and actions out into the sun.

We don’t care if the Democrats don’t have to votes to carry the day. We know that already. But goddammit we expect the Democrats to fight. We expect them to kick and punch, we expect them to plant their foot hard in the crotch of the enemy, we expect them to keep kicking and punching. They don’t have to win in order to gain respect. But they have to fight, they have to get down in the gutter with the Republicans and slug it out, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, until the Republicans are bloodied and beaten, and remain nothing but a foul stench of a memory in American politics.

The Republicans traffic in lies, in delusion, in bigotry, in hatred, in racism, in greed, in hypocrisy. If the Democrats refuse to attack them at the gut level of these practices, then there is no point in the Democrats bothering to show up.

But if they continue to fold and to compromise with political evil, then they’re done, we’re done, and the country is done.


4 Responses

  1. Yes, and on the other hand the Dems keep claiming that one of the reasons they don’t want to get too bogged down in impeachment hearings, or other hearings that will expose the lawlessness of the GOP is because they want to spend the time “in meaningful legislation” and actually “do something”. Well… Ok… but if you are handcuffed by their procedural BS then HEARINGS and trials (like of Harriett Myers, for contempt) ARE something you can do. It’s (as you say) cowardly to simply wait these maniacs out, hoping to win an election next year that might get “fixed” like the last two anyway! Get to work! They are squandering a ton of political capital.


  2. Hmmm. Isn’t ‘fixed’ a veterinary term?


  3. In this case, the “Vet” is the GOP. You know who the bitch is.


  4. This article hit the nail right on the head!! It is also so frustrating because if the tables were turned and this was President Clinton, he would have been forced out of office by the GOP a lonnnnng time ago.


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