Bush Sneaks Into Iraq, Hides, Tells Lies, And Runs Away


Before kicking Georgie in the head once more, let me put before you a chart from Washington Monthly. Note that the blue bars are 2006, and the maroon are for 2007.


Perhaps the most amazing thing about Bush sneaking into a heavily fortified military base out in the middle of the desert to share delusions with General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker is that no one shot him. Apparently it’s okay for the military to murder innocent civilians time and time again, but not to  blast a mass murderer.

In a Washington Post article leading the Globe’s front page today, Michael Fletcher and Anne Scott Tyson write:

Bush said that he and other members of his national security team “came here today so see with our own eyes the multiple changes that are taking place in Anbar Province.” Last summer, he recounted, he was told that Anbar was lost. But Iraqi citizens ‘refused to give in,” and as a result the province is far calmer today, he said.

See with his own eyes? What did he see? A bunch of soldiers going rah-rah after being ordered to show up, I’m sure, and I’d bet one of my cats that any soldier with a rep for dissent wasn’t invited. What did he hear? Petraeus and Crocker telling a story that makes them look good and tells the Prexy what he wants to hear. Which is sort of silly, since Bush only hears what he wants to hear no matter what anyone says to him.

As for Anbar, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we just arm the local Sunni warlords and throw some money at them to get them to toss the local al Qaeda goons out? Which is what they would likely have done anyway if the U.S. had gotten the hell out of Iraq. Now they have good weapons and cash. Guess who they’re probably going to chase out of Iraq next?

Then there’s this little gem:

“General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker tell me if the kind of success we are now seeing continues, it will be possible to maintain the same level of security with fewer American forces,” the president said.

Since the kind of success he’s deluded about is related more to the abysmally hot weather and to the arming of people who will turn against the U.S., especially if U.S. troop levels decrease, we can probably figure that if Bush wore a hat he’d be talking through it.

And of course, the de rigeur remark (that’s just fancy French for more of the same bullcrap):

In a meeting with a group of cheering Marines before he departed, Bush said that stability in Iraq would deny terrorists a base from which they could “plot and plan attacks on our homeland.”

See, Georgie, there’s two things wrong with this remark. First off, you are virtually solely responsible for destroying stability in Iraq and the Middle East, for generations. Second, terrorists, by the very nature of being terrorists, don’t need a base, don’t need a country. Oh, handy to have, of course, but not necessary, and actually more of a liability. They’re like mercury. They flow, they fit in wherever they are, wherever they go, and if you hit them with a hammer, say a United States army, they just break up, flow away, and regroup someplace else, and there will be more of them.

Despite Bush and his gang of deluded fools arguing to the contrary, without, as usual, the tiniest fragment of proof or evidence, terrorists are not going to follow us home like insane little puppy dogs. If you kick a violent nutcase out of your house, like most Iraqis want to do to the United States, would you follow him home? Especially when you know no one is going to do anything to put an end to his predations.

To cap off this exercise in hallucination, the story notes:

Any pullout would not be based on fear or politics, [Bush] said. “When we begin to draw down troops from Iraq, it will be from a position of strength and success, not from a position of fear and failure,” he said. “The decision will be made on a calm assessment by our military commanders based on the conditions on the ground, not a nervous reaction by Washington politicians or poll results in the media.”

This from a guy with blown brain circuits, a guy whose decisions are based solely on either politics or what God tells him to do. This from a guy who, with his puppetmaster Cheney, is pushing hard, and about to push harder, to attack Iran, a move that even the denizens of the local asylums know is utterly and completely insane, not to mention stupid. Oh, hell, it’s stupid.

As for calm assessments from military commanders, give me a break. Petraeus has his whole career invested in proving his theories of counterinsurgency right. Does anyone think he is going to be clear-sighted, rational, and calm about decisions that would end his career? If his ideas fail, he’s done. And absent an Army three or four times the size of what he’s got to work with now, he can’t succeed. Bush will award him a Medal of Freedom and pat him on the back a la Michael Brown. Thousands more Americans and Iraqis will have died in the meantime.

And life in the White House of Illusions will go on.


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  1. Bush himself may not know much about history, but some damn body in there has thoroughly absorbed the idea of Potemkin villages.


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