Why We’ll Never ‘Succeed’ In Iraq

Aside from the fact that so-called success in Iraq is redefined at least every other day, there are other reasons why the effort to at least bring peace there is doomed.

Here’s the current U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, quoted by Robert H. Reid, writing for the AP:

“Since 2003, there has been a stable policy by the American administration and I don’t think there will be a fundamental or quick change in the American policy or stand on Iraq.”

A couple of things wrong with that. The policy has shifted with the political winds from month to month. The only thing stable in American policy is that Iraqis continue to die by the thousands at the hands of each other and from bullets and bombs from American troops.

And when you tell the Iraqis, on Iraqi state television, that nothing will change, they would have good reason to drag you out and shoot you, or kill as many Americans of any capacity they can get their hands, or just up and leave the bloodbath Bush and the Americans have created in their country.

And Crocker caps it off with this gem:

“After 35 years of injustice under Saddam Hussein, there are some problems since liberation and the problems of 40 years cannot be solved in a year or two.”

Yeah, Saddam was a nasty tyrant, but he was pals with America – we armed him so he could kill Iranians and we didn’t give a damn how many of his own people he killed.

And there are a hell of a lot more dead Iraqis, thanks to the American invasion and occupation, than were dreamed of in Saddam’s philosophy .

And ‘some problems’? ‘Liberation’? When one of the key Americans in Iraq says Iraq has some problems, as if the problems were nothing more than a few flies needing swatting in a restaurant, you know he’s smoking the same dope that Bush is. Swat the flies but ignore the rats in the kitchen, the mold on the food, the hepatitis and salmonella and botulinus killing the customers, and the flooded bathrooms.

And just to put a candle on the cake, here’s General David Petraeus, in the same story:

“If you look at Baghdad, which is hugely important because it is the center of everything in Iraq, you can see the density plot on ethno-sectarian deaths.”

Davey boy, those dots on your ‘density plot’? Those are men, women, children, and the occasional dog. Dead ones. People, Davey. Not ‘ethno-sectarian’ points on a spreadsheet.

When our key people talk this way, you damn well know, or better know, they’re trying to sell the American public a set of distortions and lies.

Or alternatively, they’re just as irrational and nuts as their boss in the White House.

And neither choice bodes well for Iraq or America.

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