Romney: I’ll Nuke Everybody. I’m A Man, Dammit.

Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney wants to make sure the American public understands that he is a man, and that his ignorance and arrogance and general all-around stupidity is not limited to terrifying his dog by an abysmal act of cruelty.

No sirree. The Mitten wants to nuke terrorists.

The thrust of the piece in the Globe’s Campaign Notebook makes it clear that if some terrorists pop a nuke in America, The Mitten would nuke them back.

“But there’s no question people understand that reason that we have the thousands upon thousands of nuclear warheads we have is that we intend to protect ourselves. And I would never shrink from protecting the American nation, the American people, nor shrink from retaliation if somebody used something as awful as a nuclear device. We will be safe.”

With boneheads like Romney, we don’t need terrorists to bring down the United States.

Let’s say everybody’s favorite terrorist boss, Osama Bin Laden, had used a small nuke instead of a couple of huge airplanes to bring down the World Trade Center. And by small we’re talking tiny, not the megatonnage in the U.S. and Israeli arsenals. And let’s say we lost ten thousand people and some irradiated real estate.

Who would the Mitten have nuked in retaliation? How many hundreds of thousands of innocents would he kill to make himself feel like a man?

Would he have put a nuke on Kabul, killing untold numbers of innocents along with a few terrorists, and unleashing decades of Islamic and Arabic fury?

I bet the Mitten sits there in the dark sometimes and fantasizes about a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Tehran because … well, just because, since there is no rational reason any sane person would do that.

Golly, I feel so safe and comfy knowing another brain-damaged Republican might get into the White House.


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