Tony Snow Says Bye-Bye. Media Sucks Up. New Ideoslut Steps In.

Tony Snow is leaving. He can’t make enough money pushing Republican lies for the government, so he’s going to go push Conservative lies on the speech circuit for big bucks.

Big deal. One ideoslut leaves the White House, another ideoslut steps in. At least Dana Perino’s better-looking. Aside from that, not a bit of difference. Except maybe that the intellectual limp dicks of the White House press corps will actually get even limper. Deference to a broad and all that crap. Maybe the female press dicks will sharpen up their fangs and brains and take on the latest Republiar. The men there handed their balls to the Bushites years ago.

Picked your first lie yet, Dana? Or are you going to go with a distortion or manipulation just to warm up?

Here’s hoping the press corps does its job and bloodies you.


2 Responses

  1. It is all about money. Tony Snow will write book to make more money. Ari Fleischer is join the group who are running ads on TV for the support of Iraq War.


  2. Snow, despite his cancer history, claims he is not leaving for health reasons but, as a father of 3, can’t manage on his White House salary of only $168,000 a year. One can certainly sympathize. In fact, I imagine the vast majority of the American workforce deeply feels the pain of this poor man.


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