His Campaign Failing, McCain Uses His Failed War Record To Rekindle Support

In the Globe today, the AP reports that Senator John McCain will attempt to “revitalize his flagging campaign by emphasizing his war hero biography and his credentials to be commander-in-chief.”

How about that war hero biography, and his history as a warrior?

He got himself shot down over enemy territory and got himself captured. He sat out the war as a prisoner for five and half years.

Yeah, he suffered and no one should have to go through that. But it hardly qualifies him to be President. In fact it didn’t even measure up to the qualifications needed for a good Senator. After all, this is the guy who got dirty in the savings and loan scandal back in the day.

You’d think that someone who went through the Vietnamese POW  experience would see just how much like his captors the United States has become. We imprison without charge, without relief. We torture. We murder prisoners. But apparently ol’ John boy learned nothing from his experience.

“The transcendent issue of the 21st century is the struggle against radical Islamic extremism and I, with considerable ego, say that I’m the best prepared and qualified to meet this challenge,” the Arizona senator says…

This is the guy who wore body armor to walk through a Baghdad marketplace, accompanied by a hundred armed soldiers and five attack helicopters, and pronounced Iraq safe and secure.

He’s as much in touch with reality as the guy he hugged and kissed in public, the guy that slimed McCain’s family in the 2000 primaries, the guy he wants to replace.

As for transcendent issues, the Islamic thing is a blip. McCain and his ilk want to throw bombs to kill flies. I guess it makes them feel they can still get a hard on. The real transcendent issues are going to be water supply failures, massive crop failures, catastrophically destructive climate events, the extinction of species (possibly including our own), and the spread of disease.

Some pissy little Muslims fighting each other over thousand-year-old religious issues isn’t transcendent, Johnny boy. Why don’t you use that fabulous Senatorial health coverage to get  some Viagra and go play with yourself in the corner. The last thing this country and this world needs is another human failure covering his inadequacies and brain death in the trappings of the American Presidency.


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