Wampanoag Mashpee Leader An Admitted Liar, Convicted Rapist. So, Are The Wampanoags Really A Tribe?

The Mashpee Wampanoag tribe just tossed out their leader for lying repeatedly about his military record and not telling them about his conviction for rape back when.

Fair enough.

Evicted leader Glenn Marshall was the guy who led the group through the certification process which finally got them officially declared a legal tribe. He’s been credited with being a major force in getting the act done.


But if this guy was so unsavory that the tribe rushed to throw him out, how can we be sure that the certification process was on the up and up? Aren’t there reasonable grounds to consider that the process may have been fudged and therefore should be reopened?

Considering that there is a movement within the tribe to reopen an ugly lawsuit claiming that large areas of the town of Mashpee and surrounds belong to the tribe, thus dispossessing homeowners and landowners there, maybe the town should be calling for complete and serious reconsideration by the feds, based on Marshall’s admissions, and demanding that in the meantime the feds suspend the tribe’s certification and operations.

I should note that the current new leadership doesn’t favor a land lawsuit, but there is no guarantee that the new guys will keep control. After all, Indians are human, and there’s all that money and power at stake. Kind of hard to take seriously all those quaint little rituals from the 17th century when you’re driving a Lincoln from your mcmansion to your glitzy new casino.

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