Healthcare Reform In Massachusetts A Sick Joke. Insurance Companies, Pols, Bureaucrats, and Governor Deval Patrick Screw The Sick. Again.

Here’s some nice logic from the State of Massachusetts as it whores for the insurance companies.

The Deval Patrick administration wants to cut the Free Care Pool that catches sick people who fall through the cracks.

Why? Because the existence of the FCP, which is an effective safety net, is ‘incompatible’ with the state’s now-mandatory health insurance boondoggle.

That’s right. Unaffordable health insurance is better than providing health care to sick people.

Got to make sure those health insurance executives keep getting their outrageous salaries, no matter how many people have to get sick and die or lose their homes and life savings. Can’t do anything to keep the politicians from getting their whore money from the insurance companies. Gotta screw the poor folk and the working poor because it’s what we do and we don’t want to actually think realistically about the problem, and besides we got our health care, so screw those other people.

Next year the penalty for not having health insurance will run more than $1,000, per year. And even if you pay the fine, you still don’t have insurance. And that fine is larger than the fines for pretty much every criminal act in the lawbooks.

When are we going to put an end to health insurance terror and provide real health care in this country?

Read the full column in the Globe, by Benjamin Day.

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  1. August 30, 2007

    Dear Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, et al:

    In today’s Boston Globe’s Op-Ed piece, “The dark side of healthcare reform” (By Benjamin Day, August 30, 2007): Mr. Day poses a thematic question about your (Governor Deval Patrick’s) motives in governance, which goes:

    “Why would [Governor Deval] Patrick, under the guise of a law designed to expand access to healthcare for everyone, cripple the state’s only program (Free Care Pool) that guarantees that low-income, uninsured residents have a place to land when all else fails?”

    To answer the thematic question of why Deval Patrick–a 2006 candidate for the people–is doing “disservice after disservice” to the People of Massachusetts as the new Governor in 2007, I will tell it like it is.

    The real government in the United States of America, similar to many wealthy European nations, is not a group of elected Officials serving in Congress or Parliaments, but a very small group of wealthy businessmen known to the “have nots” as THE CORPORATE ELITE. The People(s) are manipulated by the wealthy elite class (1% to 10% of the population) into believing that we are a nation of laws, not of men, when the reality is the total opposite of this maxim. The People are distracted into believing that we have a democracy when we in fact live in a fascist World full of violence, divisions, poverty, inequities, and the like. All “The White House” and “Capitol Hill” and “The Supreme Court” really do is distract us with bureaucratic rules in order to distract the People through fear and economics to not question the AGENDA of Wall Street’s power-brokers. As Rinaldo Del Gallo III points out in his many brilliant essays on Fathers’ Rights, the federal government bribes the state governments with Billions upon Billions of U.S. Dollars (borrowed from foreign nations) to administer unfair and immoral laws, policies and programs, such as Child Custody and Support laws that alienate the Fathers and have deleterious impacts on society, in order to keep the poor down, and the rich profitable.

    The answer to the paradoxical question about Deval Patrick’s motives in state governance centers on one crystal clear, demonstrable, evidential fact:

    DEVAL PATRICK SERVES THE CORPORATE ELITE! More clearly, Deval Patrick serves only his Corporate Elite masters in and around the Boston area.

    Whether it is on the State Lottery v. Casino Gambling, the only issue before “the Deval-uator” is whether or not the Corporate Elite will benefit more under the current system or a new system of regressive taxation (gambling).

    You see, Deval Patrick knows that the sole purpose of the state Lottery is to raise regressive revenues by taxing the poor with scratch tickets, numbers games, Keno, and the like, rather than taxing the Corporate Elite Wealthy Businesses concentrated in and around Boston.

    IF Deval Patrick allows Casino Gambling and it cuts into “the Lottery subsidy” for wealthy businesses, then and only then would the Governor reject the proposal.

    HOWEVER, if Deval Patrick is convinced by the Corporate Elite that “the Lottery subsidy” will complement “the Casino subsidy” for wealthy businesses, then the Governor would endorse the proposal.

    In short, the only demographic or constituency that Deval Patrick cares about is THE CORPORATE ELITE! The only demographic constituent that Deval Patrick serves is his Corporate Elite masters in and around Boston.

    On the issue of mandatory healthcare insurance, similar rules apply for the Governor’s motives in governance.

    By placing fees (that act like penalties) on the “have nots” who use the Free Care Pool (FCP) instead of one of the federally-funded, state-administered, flawed, mandatory healthcare insurance plans, Deval Patrick is guaranteeing the Corporate Elite’s Boston area Insurance Companies take in more revenues than if the people were allowed to outrightly reject the state’s flawed healthcare insurance mandate.

    Just like the Lottery, the issue of putting sanctions of the FCP is not about the poor people who are getting screwed by the state’s flawed inequities, but rather, it is about ensuring more regressive revenues go to the already wealthy businesses that are ran by the Corporate Elite.

    In a pasted news article, below, from 3/2/2007, the top 3 Massachusetts Insurance Companies ALL reported profits in 2006! This was done by design for the benefit of the Corporate Elite, NOT the people or “have nots.” Blue Cross raked in $227.5 million for the year, Harvard Pilgrim put $70.5 million for the year in their corporate coffers, and Tufts Health Plan’s loot totalled $78 million for the year. Let us add up these 3 figures: $227.5-million + $70.5-million + $78-million = $375,500,000.50.

    Now, what just happened when Deval Patrick signed the Legislature’s FY2008 Massachusetts State Budget?

    The following is the answer:

    The newly mandated healthcare insurance program was robbed of its $500 million in FEDERAL DOLLARS (from the Health Care Security Trust account to the General Fund account), compounded with the fiscally irresponsible decision of not making both any interest payments and a $100 million contribution to this fund.

    What does this add up to (without taking into account the quantitative value of the state not making any interest payments into the Health Care Security Trust account)?: Let us add up these two figures: $500,000,000.00 + $100,000,000.00 = +$600,000,000.00.

    Now, let us synthesize the two 2006 fiscal figures on revenues collected by the commonwealth’s top 3 healthcare insurance companies PLUS the revenues used for purposes other than providing healthcare insurance for the uninsured: $375,500,000.50 + +$600,000,000.00 = +$975,500,000.50!


    JUST WHO IS THE CURRENT GOVERNOR OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS? WILLARD MITT ROMNEY (personally worth no more than $250,000,000.00)? WILLIAM FLOYD WELD (born with a trust fund worth $80,000,000.00)? Hmmm. It must be a wealthy, elitist Republican from Harvard.

    What? No? Am I being deceived? It is a Governor who grew up poor and made it TO Harvard University. Hmmm.

    It is a Governor who had just last year campaigned as a Populist and man of the People.

    YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THE NEW GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS tricked the People! You mean to explain to me that nearly $1 Billion nominal private and public healthcare insurance dollars in Massachusetts went only to THE CORPORATE ELITE, NOT the “have nots”, uninsured, working poor, and the like!

    That is right, ladies and gentlemen! Deval Patrick’s public record as Governor of Massachusetts is demonstrably in favor of the Corporate Elite, not the People! That my friends is the true, evidential, real mode of governance by the new Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: “Of the corrupted Pols, By the Special Interests, For the Corporate Elite!”

    The answer to the thematic questions about Deval Patrick’s motives on governance is that he, just like 99/100 (99%) of all other Pols, serve only their Corporate Elite masters!

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of the problem in American (& wealthy European) Politics today! All mainstream political parties are only different sides of the same coin that jingles among the vastly wealthy pockets in the Corporate Elite’s coffers.

    The only way to change “the system” is to vote 99/100 (99%) of the Pols out of political office at every election stop available to the people until the People become REPRESENTED, not manipulated by fear and economics.

    Lastly, if Deval Patrick does not want the poor to use the Free Care Pool without fees (that act like penalties), then why is he collecting the federal funds for the FCP program in the first place?

    Finally, State governments across our nation are a joke because they receive between 20 – 30+ revenue sources for a myriad of social programs, and all they do is complement these many revenue fund accounts to their tax base in order to offset taxes for the Corporate Elite, meaning wealthy businesses in and around cities such as Boston, Massachusetts. Example: Lottery money is supposed to be for social causes such as public education, but it really used as a means for the Corporate Elite’s wealthy businesses to not have to pay as much as they should be paying in state taxes! During the 3 consecutive years (FY2002 – FY2004) of Massachusetts State Budget cuts in state aid to cities and towns, with the average regressive property taxes rising by about 33%, tax breaks for the Corporate Elite’s already wealthy businesses, mostly in and around Boston, never missed a beat! That is what I call INEQUITY by design on Beacon Hill’s State House! Governor Deval Patrick has proven himself to be no different than his 3 Republican gubernatorial predecessors!

    In Dissent,

    Jonathan A. Melle


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